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Students across the world are in increasing need of high-quality essay writing services. As more and more pressure is forced upon students every single academic year, the industry has never been more popular. If you’re in need of a custom writing service, you may have stumbled upon Writing Help, a website that claims it can deliver high-quality essays in no time for affordable prices. Today, we’ll explore the facts behind these claims.


All in all, there are around 50 writers that are employed by the website. Of these, only nine of them are actually based in the UK. Furthermore, 11 of these writers hold a Master’s Degree while only 2 hold a PhD degree. This means that your work could be easily outsourced to other companies should they become overwhelmed with over 50 orders, risking the quality of your content.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

Despite being a McAfee protected website, which guarantees that you’re protected from phishing and other potential malicious intents. However, there is no proof that the website has a protected payment system or securely uses its user’s personal details, meaning your personal and financial information could be at serious risk while using the website. The website also has a registered office in China, far away from the English and American students it claims to be serving.
Rating: 3/5


Throughout the website, you’ll notice scattered five-star reviews claiming how amazing the service is. However, with a quick online search, you’ll quickly discover the exact opposite. Many of the past users have complained about the poor service and quality of content that they received. In some cases, students had received content that was laden with errors and typos that should have been picked up with a brief proof. More seriously, others complained about high levels of plagiarism, and there are even reports of resales across countries!
Rating: 2/5

Price price

An average order made through the website is as follows; a five-page (1,375 words) standard essay written to a Master’s academic level with a three-day deadline will set you back around $150. This is an extortionate price, especially for a student who is living on a tight budget, certainly making it unsuitable for a regular service. There are no discounts available and essential extras will cost anywhere in the region of $4 to $15, further increasing the price of your content.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

Whether you’ve made an order or considering it, there are multiple methods to contact the site using the dedicated support phone lines or email addresses. However, it’s been known that the customer service agents speak very poor English and some students may find it extremely difficult to communicate with these agents. What’s more, the company offers an extremely limited refund policy which you should always read before placing an order.
Rating: 3/5


As you can easily see, there are many flaws to the Writing-Help service. With unaffordable prices, a lack of dedicated customer support and a distinct absence of a discount for first-time users to name a few, the service is best avoided. Instead, it’s highly recommended that you take your business elsewhere to a more credible essay writing service.

Overall rating: 12/25

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