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Grade Miners say that they understand each student is different. Some students struggle to keep up with the requirements of their course, some speak English as a second language and have difficulty understanding their tasks, and some simply don’t have the time. Does their service help students like this, or are they promising more than they can deliver?


GradeMiners say they hire only the highest qualified writers to create their essays. At time of writing, they have just under 75 working for them. Of them, 10 of them are UK natives, 15 have Masters degrees, and 6 PhDs. When demand spikes for essays, it’s not hard to imagine that wait times will go up. Also, if you need a UK writer, that wait time will go up even more.
Rating: 3/5

Company trust

What you need from your essay writing service is transparency. UK Grade Miners, unfortunately, don’t seem to be that open about their business. There’s no guarantees about where they are based, which is usually a red flag. They do promise that don’t resell their essays, and that they write theirs from scratch. Altogether though, they could do better.
Rating: 2/5


Any student shopping around for an essay writing service wants to know, above anything else, whether the essays will be up to standard. Grade Miners may not be able to live up to these expectations. High incidences of plagiarism have been noted in the essays they’ve delivered to customers. Re-sales of their essays have also been noticed, which is a real concern in light of their claims of 100% original essays. If a student had paid out for one of these essays, they may be sorely disappointed.
Rating: 3/5


grademiners price

Prices for essays from GradeMiners will vary depending what you need from them, and how soon you need them. An example would be a standard quality, undergraduate essay, at 2 pages or 500 words. The price for this would come out at £27.01 GBP, given 10 days for delivery. You can claim a 15% discount for your first order. There’s additional services that can be paid for, so you can pay for a top writer for an additional £8.10 GBP, and a plagiarism report for £14.99 GBP. When most other services will do this for free, it seems pretty poor to have to pay for it.
Rating: 3/5

Customer service

There’s both pre and post sales service, but the quality isn’t amazing. They do offer to revise as much as is needed, but when the deadline is looming you may not have time to ask for many from them. There are live chat and phone options, so you can get in touch if you do need to talk to or
Rating: 3/5


Overall, we’re not impressed with GradeMiners UK. The price is fairly reasonable, but the main issue is the resale of essays. Most assignments are specific, and a resold essay just won’t get you the grade you need.

Overall rating: 14/25

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