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Ultius claims itself to provide the students of the United States with talented American writers that are fast and convenient while providing their customer with essential 24/7 support when they need it. However, today, we’ll be exploring how true these claims are and whether or not the service is a suitable essay writing service for you.


Ultius has a relatively complete range of writers available to complete your tasks. The site employs just under 150 writers. However, 17 of these writers are based in the UK, not the United States as promised by the website. Out of the total writers, 57 of them hold a Master’s degree while only a mere 26 have a PhD qualification. What happens when 27 or more people request a PhD-quality essay? This leads me to highly doubt the all the work the website has is completed through their employed writers.
Rating: 3/5

Company trust

As with any form of business, you want a website you can trust. However, despite being McAfee certified, this doesn’t protect you from an unsafe service. There’s no dedicated contact page which means there’s no physical address to hold the website accountable for its actions and service. Likewise, there are only images of the payment systems they offer yet no proof that the website is verified with these systems or that the payment systems are secure while protecting your personal details, leading me to doubt the trustworthiness of the website once again.
Rating: 2/5


Despite the website stating that it has solid five-star reviews, a quick online search reveals otherwise. Many of the past customers have complained that the content and essays they received was below the standard that they expected and was, in fact, riddled with mistakes and errors that should have been picked up during a brief and simple proofread. There are also multiple reports that some customer’s content resulted in high levels of plagiarism that rendered the essays unusable for an academic hand-in.
Rating: 2/5


ultius price

One of the most important aspects to consider is the pricing of your content. As a rough guideline, a standard undergraduate essay, completed to a 2:1 level that’s two-pages (500 words) long with a ten-day deadline will set you back around $39. There are no discounts available, but this price can heavily increase as you decrease the deadline time, sometimes in the region of a couple of hundred dollars which is simply too much for an average student. Furthermore, there are no additional services to guarantee quality.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

The website does, however, provide you with both pre-and-post-sale support, supposedly at all hours of the day. However, the reply times can vary from instantly (rarely) to a good couple of hours, meaning you may be waiting a long time to have your issues resolved which could be a major problem if you’re in need of urgent assistance. It’s always worth mentioning that the refund policy of the website is very strict and it’s highly advised that you read this before making your order.
Rating: 3/5


Ultius has a lot of areas that it needs to improve on before it can be referred to as a decent essay writing service. With high prices, poorly dedicated customer support and inconsistent quality of the content, students may be left feeling out of pocket when using the service. With this in mind, it’s highly advised that you take your business elsewhere to a more reputable essay service.

Overall rating: 12/25

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