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Claiming to be an excellent writing service that always provides you with on-time delivery of your content as well as supplying you with a full-range of services that covers all academic levels, Essay Expert is an appealing choice for many students who are looking for a custom essay writing service that suits them. However, upon further inspection, Essay Expert may not be all it’s cracked up to be.


Essay Experts hires less than 50 writers in total. Five of these are based in the UK while only 18 of them hold a Master’s degree. Furthermore, only five of the writers hold a PhD degree. For a website that claims it’s able to cover all academic levels, this is a very restrictive number of writers. I’d be interested to know what happens once the website has received more than four orders for PhD level content. The chances are that it gets passed on to less-experienced writers.
Rating: 3/5

Company trust

When it comes to the trustworthiness of an essay writing service, it’s imperative that you make the right choice. However, Essay Experts has no trust marks or verification badges of any kind. This means that your personal and financial details are not secure in any way, meaning an individual with malicious intent could quite easily take your personal details if you input them into the website. Even your web browser will state ‘Not Secure’ next to the URL. It’s safe to say that you cannot trust this website.
Rating: 1/5


It’s essential that you receive a high-quality in the content you order. After all, it’s a service that you’re paying for. After a quick search, I soon discovered many of the past customers have complained about extremely poor-quality essays which includes reports of high levels of plagiarism and even records of resales, exactly what you don’t want from your essay writing service.
Rating: 2/5

Price price

As a guideline, an average request for essay writing services is a standard 2:1 level undergraduate essay that’s two-pages long (500 words) with a ten-day deadline. On, this will set you back £41.90, far too expensive for the average student living on a tight budget. However, there is a 5% discount available for some customers, but there are no additional services available, leading me to doubt the credibility of the website again.
Rating: 1/5

Customer service

There are very limited methods you can use to contact the essay writing service. There are dedicated support lines for both pre and post sales, but the operators use very poorly written and spoken language which some people may find very difficult to communicate with. It’s also worth pointing out that the website operates a very strict and limited refund policy which may leave a lot of students using the website to feel abandoned and out of pocket.
Rating: 2/5


It’s easy to see that Essay Experts is best avoided at all costs. With extortionate prices and limited services, poor customer support options and consistently low content quality, I highly recommend taking your essay writing tasks elsewhere to a more reputable and trustworthy website.

Overall rating: 9/25

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