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There are multiple reported problems with their work
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Can you trust Oxford Academic Help with your paper? We can’t recommend them, as there’s no guarantee you’ll be safe with them. There are multiple reported problems with their work, and the prices aren’t clear out of the gate, either. Search for the best essay writing service in Great Britain in our list.

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❗️Update June 2023: Unfortunately, this service has closed.

As a student, you need support in your studies. Going it alone is difficult and stressful, so why do it? That’s why you’re looking at, as they’ll help you get your essays done in a timely manner. Will you get the best essay possible though? Let’s investigate and see what they can do.


The more writers a service has, the more expertise they can offer you. Right now, there are around 50 writers on staff with this writing service. Of that number, there are 8 who are based in the UK. If you’re looking for writers with higher level degrees, you’ll see there’s 14 with Masters degrees and 5 with PhDs. As this is a UK based service, we were hoping to see more UK based writers. As it stands, the number of UK writers only makes up a small percentage of the total available writers here.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

You’ve got to be sure you can trust OxfordAcademicHelp before you hire them. When you order from any writing service, you need to know that your data is safe, and that it’s 100% private. Is that going to happen if you order here? The problem is, you don’t know. There are no indicators on the site that they take data protection seriously. That should be a red flag to you, as reputable companies are always honest about what data they collect and why.
Rating: 2/5


No one should order from any writing site, unless they’re sure they’re going to get high quality work when they order. If you’re considering using this service, you need to know that they’re offering top level essays. To find out if they are, we’ve spoken to past customers to get their opinion.
We spoke to several customers who found their essays weren’t what they thought they would get. They saw that their essays were flawed in several ways, especially when it came to sources used. Sometimes the sources weren’t relevant to the essay at hand, and they would often be missing sources entirely. With grades resting on your sources, that’s a serious complaint to have.
Rating: 2/5

Price price

If you’re a brand-new customer, you can get a 50% discount on your first order with this service. The only problem is you won’t know how much that essay will cost, until you start the order process. It’s not great if you’re just trying to shop around and get prices. You’ll also see that there’s no additional services available be added on to your order.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

As with most writing services, there’s a customer service team that you can reach on several channels, should you need help. If you have an issue and want a refund though, you may be out of luck. The policy’s stricter than you’d think, and so students have been left with lacklustre papers and without their cash.
Rating: 2/5


Can you trust Oxford Academic Help with your paper? We can’t recommend them, as there’s no guarantee you’ll be safe with them. There are multiple reported problems with their work, and the prices aren’t clear out of the gate, either. Search for the best essay writing service in Great Britain in our list.

Overall rating: 10/25

9 thoughts on “Review: Oxford Academic Help (Closed)


    Will provide a poor service and if you then ask for a refund, they will try to blackmail you by saying they will contact the university if you don’t pay more money.

    They are not a UK registered company, they have a virtual office in London, they are not on companies house. It’s an all-out scam.

  • very very bad services
    no correction is received on time, and if you failed the exam they can no longer be contacted, they simply do not answer you, in no case do they return the money back in case you fail the exam
    I paid for 4 exams and I failed two and I had to repeat the semester and they don’t answer anymore
    as can be seen only in positive feeds which are certainly false
    to answer me that I have proof with the number of exams and many of messages to which I did not answer when I asked for their money for failed exam

  • Please avoid at all costs!

    Please do not pay any money to these company as they will make you fail your assignments. I have paid £500 for 3 assignments and so far got 43% on all of them. They are threatening to contact the university, they make racists comments on the background of their customers, they disturb the customers at ridiculous times of the night, even on Christmas Eve. This is a massive scam! They will not leave you alone. They keep messaging and ask you to save their numbers. There is several of them that keep repeating the same thing. Please avoid at all costs!

  • The worst company.
    Usually I’m not working any feedback or review, but with this company is impossible.
    I’m waiting for my work to be done for almost one week.
    I’ve called but nobody pick up the phone, I’ve email them as well but nobody reply back.
    I’m so so disappointed of all of it and also that I payed a lot of money to get failed to my class.
    Please please please guys I’m begging you from all my heart DO NOT CONTACT THEM FOR HELP … they’re useless ….

    Please please STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!

    • I have same problem
      This company is the worst I have ever seen in my life I don’t recommend anyone to have a service from this shit company
      Please please guys don’t lose your money and your mind

  • Guys, please stay away from these thieves. This is not a reliable company. I requested my refund, and got an immediate threat from them that they will contact my university and threatened with several other unbelievable things as well. I highly suggest – STAY AWAY

    • Going through the same problem with them now threatened that they will contact my university too. How did you deal with them afterwards?

  • Oxford Academic Help; is a bunch of dishonest people that using student and selling their original paper and later when they find out that which university you have submitted the work they will come back to you to ask for more money by telling you some wrong information and scare student to share the info with the university. This is what my close friend has faced and many more other students.

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