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The quality you get isn't anywhere near what it should be.
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So, is MHR Writer worth working with? In short, no. The quality you get isn’t anywhere near what it should be, considering how much you pay for the writing. With so few writers available too, you can’t get an essay quickly, when you need it the most. You’re much better off looking for top writing services in the UK.

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There’s plenty of writing sites out there that can help you with your assignments, but how do you know if you can trust the ones you’ve seen? MHR Writer looks like a reputable service, but don’t make any assumptions. This review will tell you everything you need to know.


You want your essay quickly, so it’s essential that a writing service has enough writers on staff to get your essay written when you need it. MHR Writer currently has under 50 writers on staff, 14 of which are from the UK. 30 of that number have Masters degree, and 4 have PhDs. While the percentage of writers with advanced degrees is high, the amount of writers available is seriously low. If you order, you’ll be waiting for a while. It’s not good if you’re in a hurry.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

MHRWriter doesn’t have a contact address for the company listed on their website, and this is a real concern. This is because any legit company will have a physical base where they can be contacted. As this isn’t available, it should be cause for concern before you order with them. Can they be trusted with your essay?
Rating: 1/5


The biggest concern with is that the incidences of plagiarized essays have been really high. Students are reporting that they’ve received essays that clearly contain other people’s work, and some have had to edit them themselves so they’re fit for submission. As you’re ordering these essays to save time, that’s a serious strike against their writers. Also, others have noticed that resold essays have been used too, which means your essay won’t quite answer the question that was set for you.
Rating: 2/5

Price price

An example essay was devised to get an example of pricing for you. a 2:1 quality undergraduate essay, 500 words and two pages long, written in 10 days, will cost £35.10. That’s slightly above average for most writing sites, and given the quality of offer it just may not be worth it. If you’re looking for discounts or extras to buy you’re out of luck, as there’s none of offer at this website.
Rating: 2/5

Customer Service

As with many writing websites, there’s both pre and post sales customer support on offer. However, if you do get in touch it’s difficult to get the help you need. The support isn’t as personalized as you would expect, so it’s hard to get answers about your essay. Plus, the refund policy is much stricter than you’d think. That’s not great to hear as the refund policy is why so many students take a chance on a new writing service in the first place.
Rating: 3/5


So, is MHR Writer worth working with? In short, no. The quality you get isn’t anywhere near what it should be, considering how much you pay for the writing. With so few writers available too, you can’t get an essay quickly, when you need it the most. You’re much better off looking elsewhere.

Overall rating: 10/25

8 thoughts on “Review: MHR Writer

  • MHR is awful, I was given failed on the assignment once with their writing. And they promised me next time it would not be happened again, then, I ordered another assignment But still disgraceful writing. I contacted with them via email several times, they ignored me by asking many similar questions again and again, say for example what’s the problem? this that etc. Once I answered then they replied Ok, we would send your case to our another department, I.e. writing department. then I got an email with the similar question that i answered many times to their so called different departments. Now I give up.


  • Bad service. I payed for a 2:1 work and they provided a low quality work . Please don’t waste your money and time

  • Terrible,

    I ordered 2.1, the best service they have and I expected a very result.
    Listed some requirements and these could hardly see in the writing.
    They listed some good references but didn’t discuss anywhere of it in the essay.
    Most of the contents were taken from internet sources and paraphrased.

    Not recommended.

  • I was totally unhappy with the writing quality as when we are having discussion about the assignment I clearly told them there is no word limit for the task, review the work and let me know for how many page i should pay. they replied me pay 4 pages 1000 words. But still I paid for 10 pages 2500 words for better quality work. i mentioned attached table picture and quotes where required, nothing was there. Moreover half of the topics are having only 3 to 4 lines in it. When it is comes to teaching courses of UK AET Level 3 the whole UK follows books of Geo patty, Ann Gravells and Amanda Turner but my assignment has no concept from any of the book we cant follow journals or Australian journals. its is set topic for whole UK learners we cant introduce new concept in it. writer should know about this. adding journal or books are OK but we cant avoid 3 books which mentioned above. even the writer did not understand the topic very well as example the question about “the role and use of peer assessment” the answer was only for 5 lines the answer was totally wrong,writer answered that “assessment useful to determine weakness and strength of the learner”. half of the topic was written this way unnecessary stuff just fulfil the word count. Writer did not even gave enough time to read and write my work. I asked for 7 days urgency but my work cam by 1 day which is good but work is absolutely disgracefulness. I have paid £120 and now i have to take day off from my work to rewrite again. I was thinking that I will use this service for my next 4 assignments but no never ever again. order no. is # 007685

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