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Claiming to be one of the best essay writing services available, it’s easy to see why Essay Writers World is attractive for students who want to free up some hours in their day to day schedule. However, when choosing the right essay writing service for you, there a couple of things you should consider. Today, we’ll be exploring the ins and outs of Essay Writers World and what comes together to make it the service it is.


In total, EssayWritersWorld employs under 50 writers, meaning you have a very limited selection when it comes to the writers who are going to complete your work. Of these writers, only 11 are based in the United Kingdom, meaning you can never be sure that your work will be completed in fluent English. Of the total writers, only 14 hold a Master’s Degree, and a further 4 hold a PhD degree, meaning you may not get an experienced writer when it comes fulfilling your essay requests.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

There are several ways you can check the trustworthiness of an essay writing service. Unfortunately, Essay Writers World falls short on all of them. There’s no physical address for the office of the company to hold them accountable and no trust marks or verification badges that show that the website isn’t subject to phishing or malicious intents. There is also no proof that the payment systems that the website uses are secure or protect your personal details, overall, leading me to believe that the website is operating illegitimately.
Rating: 1/5


Despite the website showing scattered five-star reviews among several of its website pages, a brief search online shows that many of the past customers of the service have endured a poor experience. While some claimed that the content they received was a poor-quality and lacked fluent English, others stated that their work was riddled with mistakes and, additionally, there were also too many reports that content had high levels of plagiarism, certainly not suitable for an academic submission.
Rating: 2/5


essaywritersworld price

Although not the most expensive essay writing service, a standard undergraduate essay that’s four-pages long (1,000 words) with a ten-day deadline will set you back around £41.90. Although there is a 5% discount available to some customers, there are no additional services to choose from, sometimes an essential when it comes to checking things such as the sources used and plagiarism reports. The shorter your deadline, the more expensive the price, sometimes reaching hundreds of pounds, rendering completely unsuitable for the average student.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

Despite the website claiming a comprehensive level of support for its customer both pre and post sales, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. When contacting customer support, you’ll be subject to agents who have a very poor level of English and some students may find it difficult to communicate or to get their message across. Likewise, the live chat service only operates during certain hours of the day, and an email reply can take hours, meaning students in need of urgent assistance may be left feeling abandoned.
Rating: 3/5


All in all, Essay Writers World is not all it claims to be. With extortionate prices, poor-quality content and a lack of protection while using the website, it’s highly recommended that you avoid the website at all costs. Students in need of essay writing services should take their business to a more reputable service.

Overall rating: 10/25

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