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There's no pricing info, and the writing quality is not the level that you should expect.
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Expert Academic Help look good on the surface, but there are some real problems you should be aware of. There’s no pricing info, and the writing quality is not the level that you should expect. It’s better to find a better service in the UK.

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As a student you have your choice of some of the best writing services out there, so how do you know which one is best for you?, for example, says they have some of the best subject specialists out there. Does that make them the service you should try?


We wanted to see who the writers were here, as they’re the people who will be handling your essay. In total, we saw that there’s just under 50 writers on staff. Of that number, just 9 of them are actually from the UK. There are 15 writers with Masters degrees, and 5 with PhDs.
As there’s so few writers, there’s no guarantee that they will have an expert in your subject. If they do then you’re in luck, but some students may find that they won’t be able to order here.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

No student should anything with a writing service unless they’re sure they can trust them. That’s why we’ve taken a good look at ExpertAcademicHelp, to see if they are really are legit. There are so many scam sites out there that you’ve got to be sure.
There is a full privacy policy here, where you can see just how your data is used. That’s always good to know, as if the company is transparent about why they need your data, they’re less likely to sell it on. You can order here and be fairly confident you’re safe.
Rating: 2/5


If you order writing from this service, what kind of quality can you expect? Are you going to get the best grades possible with your order? There are plenty of samples of their work out there, so we took a look to see what they offer.
You’ll find that the service is somewhat hit or miss here. There are some samples where the writer obviously wasn’t the expert in the subject, and so vital points, citations and more were missed out. Of course, that dinged the final grade of the essays in question.
Rating: 2/5


Usually you can get a price on your essay by taking a look at the price calculator on the site, but here you don’t have that option. As such, there’s no way of finding out how much your essay will cost until you actually order it. You’ll also see there’s no first-time customer discount or additional services, which isn’t competitive compared to other writing companies out there.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service customer support

As you’d expect, there is a customer support team here, and they can be contacted in lots of different ways when you need help. They can help with questions about ordering, or about the order you’ve already put in.
Many customers have found that once they send a message to the team, it takes a while to get anything back from them. That’s not ideal when you need an answer quickly.
Rating: 3/5


Expert Academic Help look good on the surface, but there are some real problems you should be aware of. There’s no pricing info, and the writing quality is not the level that you should expect. It’s better to find a better service in the UK.

Overall rating: 11/25

18 thoughts on “Review: Expert Academic Help

  • Guys be careful don’t submit their work, because they already (somehow) submit it on turnitun with a fake school name and shows as plagiarised, they also change their phone number to the department’s of education real number so you’ll get to believe, I must admit they are smart, can anyone report that, we need to stop them from doing that , it’s ilegal isn’t ?? I wonder if they operate from the uk ????

  • Same with me , pressuring me to ou 2000£ for the copyright. As I refused they told me gonna send my details to my university and court. Also, they advise me to get a lawer..
    Such annoying

  • They are scammer, threatening everyone, we need to file a complaint to the police and keep them out of business, anyone who has an evidence should be encouraged to go to police asap

  • Hi I used these people and their work did not reach the minimum pass mark. It recieved 35, yet was advertised as a 60 lowest.
    Remarks were not great on the work…. my advice learn from my mistake do NOT use these. I like the others had request to pay extra for copyright

  • Hey, guys…this is happening to me now! Did you just keep ignoring and block? And there was no more about it?

  • Fake and scammers. Essays are of the lowest quality with alot of plagiarism. And once the work is finished they will start blackmailing and threatening you that they will information the school/university that you have cheated unless you pay them 1500 GBP for copyright.
    Please Please dont waste your time and money on them.

    • hi! Did that happen to you? Because I am facing that problem currently. They sent me a mail saying that I have been under investigation and need to pay 2000 GBP for copyright certificate or else my degree will be cancelled. They even called me and kept pressuring me.

    • That is happening to me right now,
      First they told me an amount, I paid them they asked me for more money I gave it to them. They made me waste my time, never properly ammend the work and now they are blackmailing me, I didn’t gave them a chance to tell me how much they want for the copy right, but they are saying that they will contact the university, what should I do ?

      • The same thing is happening to me. Produced a letter from the Department of Education claiming I was a student selected as part of on investigation and if I pay £3000 for copyright it will go away. Constantly harassing me. Ringing off national numbers now. Raging I selected this company and only seen this website now. Please not let it happen to anyone else. How did everyone else resolve the issue?

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