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There’s plenty of essay writing services out there, and as a time poor student you need to find one that works for you. Can they all really offer you the quality you need in a good essay? With so many less than reputable sites out there, you’ve got to be careful. Here’s our review of, including everything you need to know before you decide on ordering with them.

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X Essays say they hire only the most qualified writers to handle your essays. At time of writing, there are just under 150 writers working with them, 108 of whom are from the UK. 122 of these writers have Masters Degrees, 35 have PhDs.
Having seen these numbers, we’re impressed. Often, a ‘UK’ based writing service will only have very few writers actually based in the UK itself. As well as this, they have a lot more writers than other companies we’ve seen. This means that when you need a writer the most, there should always be one available to work on your project. Finally, the amount of writers with higher degrees is actually quite staggering. It’s reassuring for students to know that they have actual experts working on their essays.
Rating: 8/10

Company trust

No matter who you order an essay from, you need to be able to trust them with your data. Do you know what they’re doing with it? Some unscrupulous companies may well sell it on to advertising agencies, and so make money on the back of your data. Can X Essays be trusted not to do this?

We took a look at their privacy policy, to see what they had to say. We were pleased to see that they offer a full breakdown of what they need from you in order to complete an order, and exactly what they do with that information. They’re very open and honest about what they do, and are happy to give you all the information before you order.
Rating: 9/10

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Now for possibly the most important part of the review. Are the essays that the writers create here actually any good? We’ve been looking at what past customers are saying, and at the samples they have posted on their site, to give you an answer.
Looking at the reviews, we’re pleased to see that no plagiarism has been noticed in the essays sold on to students. As well as this, the essays they are getting seem to be totally original. With many companies reusing content and plagiarising other writers, this is refreshing to see. You can order, safe in the knowledge that you’re getting original writing.
There’s lots of different styles of writing available too. We saw academic writing services that you’d expect, such as essays, dissertations, and math problems. As well as this, there were additional writing services, such as those for resumes and copywriting. There’s even proofreading and editing services, covering all the bases.
Having looked at the samples on offer, we can see that actual experts have been working on these essays. You can see that every writer really knows their stuff, and that the student has had an essay that got them the grades they needed.
We honestly are very pleased with the quality that we’ve seen from the writers at XEssays. They clearly have the expertise needed to write the essays that students need. With the vast majority of them being native English speakers, the technical quality of the writing is superb, too.
Rating: 10/10


No matter where you order from, prices will always vary as every essay is different. We’ve put together an example though, so you can get an idea of how much you should budget for your essay.
A sophomore level essay, that’s around 500 words long and needs to be written within 7 days, will cost students £25.14 GBP. You can get a 15% discount on that price as a new customer too, and it’s easy to add that discount on at the checkout stage.
There’s additional services available too, if you need them. These include:

  • Originality report: £22.78
  • 1 page summary: £11.38
  • Proofread by editor: £3.87
  • UK writer: £2.51
  • Urgent writer: £7.59

There are more discounts available too, that become available the more you order with this service. They start out at 5% off if you order over £399 with them, increasing all the way to a 15% lifetime discount once you’ve spent £799 with them.
Rating: 9/10

Customer service

If you need help with your order, then there’s a customer support team on standby 24/7 to help you. They can be contacted before you even order, if you have questions about the ordering or writing process. If you’re in the middle of an order, or you’ve just received your essay, they can help you too.
One of the best things about the customer service team is that they have native English speakers working for them. That means it’s easy to get in touch, and discuss the issue you’re having. When you contact them, you’ll get an answer quickly and professionally, too.
They can help with many different questions, especially around refunds and returns. We don’t see many customers being unhappy with the orders they get. If you don’t need the order anymore, or you’re not happy with it, you can cancel it. In some cases, you can get all of your money back on it.
If you need revisions, that’s easily done too. If there was a mix up with what was required, or content just needs rearranging, then they can be done for free.
Rating: 9/10


We’re very pleased with what we’ve seen from X Essays. They’ve shown themselves to be one of the best essay writing services out there. If you order with them, you can be sure you’ll get an essay that’s of the best possible quality, which is what you need. As well as this, the prices are reasonable, and their policies are well explained. We can absolutely recommend them to you.

Overall rating: 45/50

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