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If you’re trying to balance school, work, and personal responsibilities, then something has to give. That’s why writing services are popping up everywhere, offering to help you write those assignments. Is the right people to turn to? Read on to find out.


Right now, there are just under 50 writers working for Writing Help Service, 8 of whom are from the UK. 10 have Masters Degrees, and 2 have PhDs. That’s a very small number of writers that they have on staff, and during high demand periods, there could well be long wait times on your essay. When you’re up against a deadline, can you really afford to wait for a writer to become available?
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

You should always check what a company will do with your data before you order with them. Will they keep it safe? The privacy policy here says that they won’t sell on your data to third parties. However, you shouldn’t just take their word for it. Look for the clues that say you can trust them. For example, if they list their physical address, they’re more likely to be trustworthy. This service doesn’t theirs, so be wary.
Rating: 2/5


Whoever you order your essay from; they’ve got to write a good quality piece to be worth your money. Is Writing Help Service worth your cash? We looked at what past customers had to say, and they weren’t too impressed. The biggest problem was that essays were often sold on to multiple students. This goes against their originality guarantee, and means that students get essays that aren’t quite what they asked for, meaning they’ll get lower grades overall.
Rating: 1/5

Price price

Most students will order a 2 page 2:1 level essay, to be delivered within 10 days, with a writing service. With this service, this will cost you £25.98 GBP. You can get a 30% discount off your order right now, if you’re a first time customer. There are no additional services available though, so be aware of that if you’re thinking of ordering with them. The price is pretty average compared to other writing services, but remember you’re not getting the same level of quality.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

There’s a customer service team on standby to help people with their orders. However, we’ve heard from customers that responses from them can be slow, which isn’t good when you’re up against the deadline. As well as this, the refund policy isn’t as clear as it should be, leaving students without their money when they thought they were entitled to it.
Rating: 1/5


WritingHelpService are not the service we’d recommend, if you’re looking for someone to write your essay. They don’t have writers that can really handle the demands of modern students, and so the essays they put out aren’t up to par. Instead, you’ll want to do your research and find a writing service that can do your essay justice. You don’t want to risk your grades, after all.

Overall rating: 8/25

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