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There's issues of plagiarism and reused essays with the delivered work, it's not worth taking the risk.
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UK Best Essays can’t be recommended to students, as the quality of what they offer isn’t up to scratch. The prices are fairly reasonable, but when there’s issues of plagiarism and reused essays with the delivered work, it’s not worth taking the risk. Instead, we recommend shopping around and finding another service.

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There are many reasons why a student may go looking for an academic writing service. The most common reason is that the student hasn’t got the time or the resources to get the essay done on time. UK Best Essays also points out that by using them, you can find rare resources, or get help with your regular research. Can they do all that they promise?


Any academic writing service is only as good as the writers it hires. hires around 75 writers, 12 that are currently from the UK. 31 of their writers have Masters degrees in their subjects, and 5 with PhDs. 75 sounds like a lot of writers, but it’s a lot less than you think, especially if you’re looking for a true expert in your subject. With so many different subjects being taught in universities, how likely is it that one of their writers is an expert in yours?
Rating: 3/5

Company trust

BestEssays UK make a promise on their website that they will never release your personal details to anyone else, and that your privacy is always paramount to them. However, it’s very easy to make promises online, and as a company they’re not actually that transparent. There’s no official address or other physical information listed for them, so we just don’t know what they’ll actually do with your information.
Rating: 2/5

Quality declare that they offer top quality essays, and that they always write 100% original content for their customers. There have been reports though from past customers that say otherwise. Cases of plagiarism have been high, and some have noticed they’ve been sold reused essays. A reused or plagiarised essay can’t answer your assignment question effectively, and so you’re not guaranteed the best grade with them.
Rating: 2/5

Price price

Price will vary depending on what you need from the academic writers your working with. For example, a 500 word or 2 page essay, written to 2:1 standard, and delivered within 10 days, will cost £35.10 GBP. You can get a 20% discount if you’re a first time buyer. There are additional services you can buy, such as getting a top writer for £10 GBP, and proofreading for £6.38 GBP. These services should be included in the writing service as standard, as otherwise the essay isn’t delivered complete.
Rating: 3/5

Customer service

UK Best Essay hire specialists who can help you through the entire ordering process, and promise that you can get in touch 24/7, no matter what you need. Getting in touch is either through live chat or phone call, but these options may not be best for everybody.
Rating: 3/5


UK BestEssays can’t be recommended to students, as the quality of what they offer isn’t up to scratch. The prices are fairly reasonable, but when there’s issues of plagiarism and reused essays with the delivered work, it’s not worth taking the risk. Instead, we recommend shopping around and finding another service.

Overall rating: 13/25

14 thoughts on “Review: UK BestEssays

  • I am absolutely appaled by the quality of the reaction paper I have received. I have paid £ 109.12 (asking for first-class standard quality, proofread by the editor and fulfilled by top 10 writers service) just to receive a paper that made be FAIL the assignment! The author had no idea how to write an academic paper, it was all over the place and I will not comment on grammatical (YES) and substantial errors!
    It is such a shame because the first reaction paper (different writer) was very good! I was thinking of ordering another academic paper but after receiving such a **** I will never order ANYTHING from them!

  • All the people writing negative comments. Can’t you do the essays yourself? Too funny!!! You can’t trust and pay people to do your essays, there are plenty of sites for free where they showcase excellent examples to get ideas from, even your uni should have a guide.

  • What an absolute nightmare !!!! Stay away from first, they lie and tell you that their writers are based in the US and UK, but in reality they are based in some African Countries (this is not diregarding the Truly intelligent writers in Africa, that are defenitly not hired by this company). Second, they will continue to hassle you into paying more money each time, excuses range from the paper requires more effort, to ‘not’ having received the payment, even though you’ve contact your bank several times making sure they have received the payment. Third, they will threaten you, and tell you that they will investigate you for fraud or even go to the extent of blackmailing you to your university, thank god, they gave me a shitty essay that made absolutely no sense, because I was able to write up an even better one, therefore not usuing their services or ‘cheating’. They will also offer promotions that are too good to be true, and hassle you with even more payments. They had scammed me with over 500 USD, saying they will refund me the payments that did not go through oringlsly. I also didn’t even recieve my paper. To top it all off, the second paper they did send me did not even answer the research question!! I am sure it was completely plagerized. Don’t be fooled by their ability to manipulate you into trusting them, which is not to ignore the fact that if you don’t fall for the manipulation they are EXTREMELY RUDE. I even went to the extent of contacting the police about this, in fear of more threats. STAY AWAY AN ABOSLUTE NIGHTMARE OF YOUR LIFE.

    • How did you tackle this problem? Now I am threatened by them, they said they will contact my university if I don’t transfer £500 to them. but I did’t use their writing at all. I just ignored them.

  • They are a scam and so are ukdissertationeducators they fail to adhere to the customers requirements charge alot and guarantee a big Fail

  • Unacceptable service dishonest company scam
    Your writers are dishonest commit plagiarism and the customer support asked your customer to produce plagiarism report at their own expense as a prerequisite for your company to investigate the plagiarism issue when it was very clear that by comparing the text of the articles for essential reading your writer just copied and pasted it without paraphrasing, i.e. without summarising them in his own words. Why would I pay your company writer just to copy and paste original text into a word document?
    You know your customer won’t produce plagiarism report at their own expense in order to avoid compensating your customer for the loss.
    The most dishonest company I have ever heard of
    You claim that your company has been in business for 15 years
    But actually
    Your company has been defrauding customers including me for 15 years
    I spent 15,000 pounds on your company and all the work you provided are either late/ or contains plagiarism issues and your company just provided me with nominal damages.
    He kept on saying okay I can complete the order by a certain date which was before my exam and on the day before the exams he said that he needed X more days deadline extension and after that he continued to ask for more deadline extensions X days later on the day he delivered the orders I was already done with my exams.

    And the orders which I had spent 15,000 pounds GBP on were of no use to me, were inaccurate, full of grammatical errors as well as late.

    I had asked them to provide me with a refund initially and asked the writer not to carry on with my orders because I knew that he can’t complete them on time yet he insisted on completing the orders and made a false claim that he could deliver the orders by the deadline despite me giving him lots of deadline extensions because both your dishonest and inconsiderate company and writer wanted my money and didn’t care about my grades, didn’t care about the ramifications of late delivery on my grades.

    And when the orders were finally delivered after my exams had finished your company just provided me with a nominal amount of compensatory damages. Because your company claimed that your writer needs to be compensated for the time spent on my orders.

    I actually believe that I had a right to cancel the orders at the beginning to get my full refund but your company support and also writers claimed that he can completed the orders on time so that you can get my money dishonestly although your company actually knew that it was impossible. And on the day before the exam I just realised that your writer can’t complete them on time and I had to start working on the exam notes myself.

    And you even wasted a great deal of my precious time checking the email the day before the exam asking me for more and more deadline extensions.

    And your another writer although he was on time, he committed plagiarism and was extremely dishonest, selfish and inconsiderate.
    Until now you still haven’t investigated the plagiarism issue committed by your dishonest writer 412701 for my previous order 82094301.
    Your company claimed that you always scan the completed paper for plagiarism in Turnitin before your writer uploaded it to the customer’s account, that means your company has access to the software so why did your dishonest company still ask me to produce the plagiarism report at my own expense for 500 GBP pounds? Indeed I won’t trust what your company said I don’t believe that your company had scanned the paper for plagiarism in Turnitin before sending it to customers. The entire text in the word document he uploaded to my account was an exact copy of my articles for the reading on my law module.

  • One of the two orders I placed the writer has committed plagiarism and copied and pasted the entire contents from the Sparknotes. What’s more, the company refused to refund me the amount of the order and instead only offer store credit to me.
    Who on earth will be so stupid that the person who is deceived by this company will continue to place future orders?
    All essay companies will offer a full refund in the event that plagiarism occurs.
    For another order, the writer is late for at least 2 and a half months yet. This company just offered me about 80 GBPs store credit instead of a refund of the partial amount of the order.
    Please don’t ever trust this company again.
    This company is a SCAM
    This company deceived its customers.

    • You can say that again. I’ve experienced that with them and now they are blackmailing me that they will release my essay to the university in which I’ve not gotten at all.

  • Do not use UK Best Essays!!!! Dreadful service poor quality!!! Failure to meet date deadline!!! Failure to meet minimum requirements.

  • I was promised 1st class grades. The essay was poorly drafted. The writer didn’t even follow the basic guideline. It resulted in a FAIL.when I contacted they said (we guarantee the satisfaction and not the passing grades). What a joke.
    I asked what satisfaction one gets in failing in an essay and pay a big amount for that. Please be careful and don’t let yourself robbed and ripped off

  • I totally agree that this website is just a scam. I made a dissertation order in March and up to date they took my money and left without any comment.

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