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There’s lots of essay writing services out there, so what makes so special? They say they have the expertise to get you the grades you need. Can they really help? This review has the answers.


Right now, there are just under 50 writers working with TopAssignmentHelp, 8 of whom are from the UK. 14 have Masters degrees, and 6 have PhDs. We’re surprised at how small the writing pool is, especially of those with higher level degrees. If you want a writer that can tackle your subject with confidence, you may not find them here.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

No matter who you’re thinking of ordering with, you’ve got to be sure that you trust them with your details. Can you be sure that they’re not going to sell your details on, or make it clear that they’re the ones writing your essay?
We found that there is a full and robust privacy policy on the site for this service, which you can peruse before you make an order. It lays out exactly what information is collected, and how it’s used by the company. It’s also made clear that it’s not sold on to anyone else.
Rating: 3/5


Is this service able to write essays that will get you the grades you need? We’ve been reading reviews from past customers, and reading samples of their work, to see what they can deliver.
In many cases, we saw that essays suffered from multiple spelling and grammatical mistakes. It seems as though writers either didn’t proofread as much as they should have, or they simply didn’t have the time to get it done. Either way, students were having to send their essays back to be revised, before they could use them.
Rating: 2/5

Price price

Prices fluctuate depending on what exactly you’re ordering. As an example, take a 2 page, 2:1 level essay that’s due in 10 days. With this service, you’ll be paying £27 GBP. If you’re a new customer, you can get a discount of 15% on that order. However, be aware that there are no additional services available to you here.
Rating: 3/5

Customer service

If you need help with your order, there’s a customer service team ready to help you with it. They can be contacted online or by phone, in order to help you out. Be aware though, many past customers have reported that the refund policy is much stricter than advertised. This meant that they didn’t get their money back on their order, even when they thought they were due a refund. If you’re thinking of relying on the refund policy, you may want to go elsewhere.
Rating: 2/5


Top Assignment Help are a genuine service, in that you can buy an essay with them and get what you pay for. The quality of the writing, though, leaves a lot to be desired. You may want to look elsewhere to ensure that you get the grades you need from the best writing services in the UK.

Overall rating: 12/25

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