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TheDocumentCo may not be the most well-established writing service out there
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As you can see, TheDocumentCo may not be the most well-established writing service out there, and there are plenty of services which are better in terms of quality and price. To find some of these services, simply check out our top list of services here!

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Trying to squeeze everything into your life can be hard work, especially when you have upcoming deadlines, multiple classes, and everything else you have booked into your agenda. However, the rise of essay writing services has helped students across the country with securing the grades they deserve.
The Document Co. is one of these services, but before you jump in and start spending your hard-earned money, let’s make sure this is the service that’s going to give you the essays and service you should expect.


TheDocumentCo is a rather small writing service, and only hires and works with around 25 writers. However, of these 25, only eight as based or are from the UK. This means there’s a small chance you’ll actually have a writer creating your essay that can write with a native tongue to UK language requirements.
While 13 of the writers are educated to a Master’s level, only five are to a PhD, so if you’re looking for a higher academic level of writing, you may be hard-pressed to find someone capable when using this service.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

While it doesn’t seem like The Document Co. is a scam, there are very few indicators that showcase that it’s a legitimate website. There’s no sign the business is registered anywhere, no physical address or phone for the office, and no claimed Google business card that makes this website seem a little legitimate since a professional business will have all of the above.
Rating: 3/5


Of course, quality is so important, but judging by the reviews from past customers, and the condition of the content of the website, this may not be a priority for the document co. There are several reviews stating that the content and essays that were delivered were not ideal or written to a high standard.
There are plenty of examples of poor spelling, a lack of proper punctuation, and information that was basically sourced form Google, not shared via the expertise of a writer who should know what they’re talking about.
Rating: 3/5

Price price

While the quality isn’t great, it’s worth noting that the prices aren’t either. A standard essay (500 words) with a 10-day turnaround time will set you back around £50. Then, when you start adding extras in like grammar and proofreading, a plagiarism report, and more, this quickly adds up, and may not be suitable as a one-off, or for regular usage.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

Customer service is so important when it comes to a dedicated writing service because when you need help to reach your deadline, you’ll need that help fast. However, there are practically no ways to get in touch with TheDocumentCo.
There’s a live chat that basically sends an email to the company, or you can access their very inactive social media pages, but apart from that, there’s no phone number, no direct email for pre or post-sales, and that’s it, meaning you may be waiting some time for a reply.
Rating: 3/5


As you can see, TheDocumentCo may not be the most well-established writing service out there, and there are plenty of services which are better in terms of quality and price. To find some of these services, simply check out our top list of services here!

Overall rating: 13/25

10 thoughts on “Review: The Document Co

  • Everyone please pay attention. I have ordered to write 3 assignments at Thedocumentco team. All 3 essays have failed results. The writing team is committed to getting a passing result in the re-submission. However, I did not pass the test 3 times. This cost me the course to retake. Although I checked with them if it is possible to do it urgently in 1 week or not. They agreed, but most of them didn’t make the appointment. So please consider carefully before choosing this website. I feel very bad, because I lost quite a lot of money for the tuition fee of 3 subjects and the rent they write the articles

  • Do not engage in any level with this company!!!
    The services are terrible and they don’t give a * about your needs. They are using the name of Elena, who doesn’t even work with the company anymore. Fake people, fake services. They take your money and leave you with a terrible, useless work. I tried my complains but they just ignored me.

  • An absolute disappointment. Terrible quality of work from The Document Co. They used American literature, terminology, references and data even though I provided access to my British university library account and a list of the books, journals and articles they MUST use. Also, the graphs, illustrations and tables I provided and asked to be placed within the report never being used. There are many typos, double-worded or repeated sentences, and orthographical and syntactic mistakes. Returned the same unamended work twice on request to amend it. Then return was amended only partially. Used this service predominantly because of work-related issues. Had to take an extension at uni to complete two of my assignments, as company service didn’t help, it made it worse. Such a waste of time and money. U can use this service ONLY if your aim is to fail your assignments.

    Terrible. Their writers are not qualify the quality of their work is below A levels. The proof-readers accept slang language.
    I gave them a list of 30 references to use, a detailed process of the assessment and what to do and even do, I had to reread a correct it several times. I had to sent to them the correction i was expecting them to do. Even the final essay had several mistakes.

    Furthermore they ask me for paying them several times. So i did, ad guess what, they kept saying the payment did not get through but what they were actually doing is to charge me twice!!!

  • They scammed me!!!
    Because i failed all the 3 courses that their writers did for me.
    Terrible writers!!!
    And there was no sympathy or refund whatsoever.

    I do not recommend them at all.

  • Pathetic company. They have an extremely terrible team of writers and their work quality and customer service bad as well.

  • Terrible quality of work from Document Co. I asked for help with my work, the just gave me a lot of excuses. Their writer was not qualified at all, didn’t know what she was doing. Just simply used big words. Failed to follow the deadline. Provided shit quality of work, horrible with replying to emails.
    Even though I am barely using their work they have told me that they will only initiate 30% of the refund and its been 10 days and I still haven’t received anything. Document Co. might seem cheap but its a terrible service.

    • Hello,

      Having worked with The Document Co about 3 years back, I can safely say that they are underpaying their writers by a huge margin. Due to which they hire unskilled writers. As a proofreader I can safely say that I can provide you the same service at less than half the price without charging anything extra for revisions or plagiarism report. You can email me for more details if you wish to know more or avail the services!

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