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As a student you need to be confident in the company you choose to write your essays. You can’t dedicate the time to them yourself, so you need a writer to handle it for you, and handle it well. is a good looking option for you if you need help, but are you sure this is the right service for you? Read this review to find out more, and see if they can help.

Overall State Of Writing are an impressive writing service.
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  • Company trust
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Their prices are low, especially considering the high level of writing skills they offer. They’re a good service to go to if you need help with your essays.

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First of all, who are the writers at this service? Any writing service can hire someone to write for you, but you need to know that they’re experts in their subject, able to write excellent essays for you when you need them.

At time of writing this review, there are just under 150 writers with State Of Writing, 91 of whom are from the UK. There are 109 writers with Masters degrees, and 65 with PhDs. These writers are able to cover many different types of academic writing, as well as resume writing and editing, among other services.

What’s impressive first of all is that there are so many writers on staff. We’ve seen some services that have under 50, so having so many writers available to help you can only be a good thing. Because the overall numbers are so good, you of course have access to more UK writers. It’s vital to have a writer who knows what UK students need, so this is a big plus.

Rating: 10/10

Company trust

Before you hand over any money to a writing service, you need to be sure you can trust them. Are they going to keep good care of your data, or are they going to sell it on to third parties? you can never be sure, so you need to find out before you give anything to them.

StateOfWriting are very clear about what they will and won’t do in their terms and conditions. When you check them out, you’ll see that they never sell on your details, so you know you’re safe with them on that score. As well as this, they’re upfront about what details they take from you, and why they take them. The transparency is refreshing, and you can read more into their guarantees to see exactly what they do.

Rating: 10/10

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Now you’re here because you want to know, are the writers at State Of Writing able to give you good quality writing when you order from them? They offer such a huge range of writing, from coursework, to research papers and resumes. How do you know that the writers are able to tackle all of these subjects and paper types while upholding high writing quality?

If you want to see what they can do, the best thing to do is check out the samples that are available on the website. There’s a good range to read through, including literature, healthcare, and business papers. Taking a look at these, you’ll see that the quality of the writing is some of the best around. We were impressed with the knowledge that the writers showed in their work. They clearly were experts in their fields, and knew what to include to make the papers top notch. The technical aspects of writing were perfect, too. The papers were very clearly proofread and checked over before they were handed to the customers.

In our investigations, we saw no evidence of plagiarism or resales of papers. It’s clear that every essay sold is an original, tailored to you and your assignment needs. With so many other companies reselling papers, this is good to know.

You can also check out reviews from other customers, if you want feedback from people who have used the service before. They’re overwhelmingly positive, with many saying that the writers turn around work quickly, something that’s very valuable when you’re up against a deadline. They also state that the papers got them excellent grades, so many customers say that they’ll come back to use them again.

Rating: 10/10


How much will a paper with this service cost you? As you may know from looking up other writing services, your price will very much depend on your paper. It’ll also be affected by your deadline, and the quality that you need from the writers. price

With this service, let’s take an example paper so you can get an idea of pricing. Take an undergraduate paper, that’s 550 words long and due in 10 days. Here, this will cost you £36.98 GBP. That’s a good price, and you can lower it further if you’re a new customer. You’ll get a 20% discount when you place your first order with State Of Writing.

There’s a discount program in place for returning customers too. The more pages you order over time, the bigger discount you’ll get. For example, once you’ve ordered up to £400 worth of essays with them, you’ll get a 5% discount on all future orders. Once you reach £600, that discount will increase to 10%, and once you hit £800, it’ll increase further to 15%.

Rating: 9/10

Customer service

There’s a robust customer service team in place to help you at every stage of your order. If you need any help, you can get in touch with the team via a variety of different channels. There’s email, live chat on the site, and phone to name a few. The team are all native English speakers, making it very easy for you to contact them and get answers to your queries in time.

There are plenty of guarantees in place that protect you as a customer. The revision policy, for example, ensures you can have changes made to your essay if needed. The money back policy ensure you’ll get your money back if you’re not happy with the work they provide. You can read more about them online. before you place an order.

Rating: 10/10


Overall State Of Writing are an impressive writing service. Their prices are low, especially considering the high level of writing skills they offer. They’re a good service to go to if you need help with your essays.

Overall rating: 49/50

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  • I didn’t believe my friend when he told me who writes his essays – which I thought were pretty darn good. I used it for the first time this semester and all I can say is my essays are pretty darn good now too.

  • There are not many services that have it all, but this is one of them. For one, the customer service is so nice and kind, they can help you with anything. This is really important to me because I’m not just looking for a product but someone who cares about their customers and these people really do. My writer was the best, the essay turned out great, even though it was a difficult History topic that I couldn’t handle on my own and it was completely on time. Glad I have found it

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