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Shark Papers aren't the people to go to if you need an essay.
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Shark Papers aren’t the people to go to if you need an essay. The level of writing quality worries us, as it’s so low. If the writers aren’t correcting mistakes before they deliver to you, then you’re going to have to do more work yourself. As you’re paying to free up your time, then you shouldn’t put up with this. Look for another, well rated writing service. They’ll help you get what you need.

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If you’re struggling to get all of your work done at university, then a writing service may be for you. say they can help you get it done with the minimum of fuss. Can you trust them? This review has everything you need to know.


Right now, there are about 75 writers working for SharkPapers, 15 of whom are from the UK. 31 have Masters degrees, and 11 have PhDs. That’s a very small number of writers from the UK itself. What can you do if you need a UK writer to handle your essay? As it stands, it looks as though you’ll get a non UK native, and they may not understand exactly what you need as a British student.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

You need to know that whatever writing company you choose, they’re not going to sell on your data, or share with anyone that they’re writing your paper. There is a small guarantee in the FAQ on their site that says they’ll preserve your privacy. This is good, but there’s no explanation of what exactly they do do with it. It always pays to be careful when you’re shopping around.
Rating: 3/5


Of course, you’ll be wondering if the writers here can deliver a paper that will get you the grades you need. Are they up to the task? We’ve looked at what they can offer, to get an idea of the level of writing available.
Looking at reviews, it seems a lot of customers weren’t happy with what they got. This was because many essays came back to them with grammatical errors that should have been cleared up. This means that writers either don’t realise they’re making mistakes, or they’re not taking the time to correct them.
Rating: 3/5

Price price

Pricing will vary, depending on your essay. As an example though, take a 2 page, 2:1 standard essay. If you need it within 10 days, it will cost £20.50 GBP. You can get a discount of 50% as a new customer, which sounds very appealing if you’re on a budget. Be aware though, there are no additional services you can buy.
Rating: 3/5

Customer service

If you need help with your essay, you can get in touch with the customer support team. They’ll help with any issues you’re having and help you get your essay. It’s worth noting, though, that many students have said the refund policy is much stricter than advertised. That means that they’ve been left without their money, when they thought they were entitled to it.
Rating: 3/5


Shark Papers aren’t the people to go to if you need an essay. The level of writing quality worries us, as it’s so low. If the writers aren’t correcting mistakes before they deliver to you, then you’re going to have to do more work yourself. As you’re paying to free up your time, then you shouldn’t put up with this. Look for another, well rated writing service. They’ll help you get what you need.

Overall rating: 14/25

28 thoughts on “Review: Shark Papers

  • Unscrupulous and awful people.
    Morgan Harrison – Sharkpapers- lied to me throughout the process and refused to refund my money.
    Paper failed and I am not surprised because it made no sense and it was copied pasted from the internet and showed 90% plagiarism when marked. Sentence structure and grammar was absolutely dreadful and cannot have been written by native English person as I was told it would be in the first instance. Because I persisted for a refund as advertised on their website, he contacted me by mobile phone and threatened to contact the University if I did not go away. These people are not professional writers they are just using the internet to scam people and trade under different names on the internet. I hope they are looked into and stopped so others do not end up like me. Find a proper professional organisation is my advice to others.

  • DON’T GO TO THEM, I failed my module and ended up repeating the whole year! because of SHARKPAPER! they cheated, lied and didn’t deliver my work, the quality is of writing is VERY POOR! better do it yourself!
    they are bunch of Indian based in India, they pretend to be based in US, don’t be fooled!

  • i used this service 2 times, first time i paid full and got my work. i uploaded what they had written and got the lowest mark i can ever imagine. i went back to them and told them about it. they just apologized. later i asked them to write me something knowing i was not going to use it, just in case something to look back on when needed. instead they dint do the work for my by the time we had agreed and it lead to me not getting the work on time. when i contacted them for a refund. they said no. they are a scam and fraud company. they take your money and not deliver. please please dont use this website if your looking to achieve something in your education. this website is a fraud.

  • THIS IS THE QUALITY OF WORK THAT THEY GIVE….STAY AWAYYYY……DO NOT GIVE THEM A SINGLE PENNY.”law makes in the country have gone ahead to come up with laws that help the female gender to feel like they are also part of the country. The female gender is the most affected by the curriculum in the country. In this paper, it will be important to look at the manner in which gender biasness is depicted in the books at primary level. There are many ways in which one can note that the society has been defined by the curriculum that is in use. The female generation has been defined as a separate and different species of people. This should not be the case because they are also humans like other people and in the recommendations; there shall be ways that can ” HAHAHAH…THEY ARE ALSO HUMAN LIKE OTHER PEOPLE…..WHAT A JOKE

  • Biggest SHARKS. EAT YOU ALIVE. NEVER TRUST THEM.shark papers are the biggest frauds in the sea. They dupe you of your money, time and energy and produce such a bad work that it cannot be accepted even for a primary school essay. they keep on assuring you for quality work but all they produce is extremely bad work with very poor English and silliest mistakes for such a high price. their call center executives are very smooth talkers and they give you high hopes for your paper only to end it with tears because you have wasted so many resources on them.
    The worst is they make you feel responsible for not refunding the money and when you ask them to give proofs they start acting rude or charming. I wish I can add the screenshots or the essay that was provided to me for more than £200. I cannot forgive them.

  • Shark is a bad joke waste of time scammers the writer are useless please people don’t try to order from this website you will regret it

  • It is sad that so many people lives have been affected by these utter fraudsters, including me. I was constantly lied too and the revisions remained the same- same content that I asked to be revised was sent back to me time over again – they deliberately just wear you down, sending you from pillar to post without any solution for their huge errors. My essay was plagiarized and not relative to the instructions given. Useless, and they would not refund any of my money at all.

  • guys every review on here about shark papers is totally accurate, these guys have ripped me off completely! the writers do not follow the guidelines, they don’t refund your money nor do they stick to the deadline, these are the last people on the world you want to go to I honestly cant tell you how much these guys have stressed me out and wasted my time! I hate these guys they made me fail!

  • Oh my. Please do not use them. I wish I’d read all these reviews before I paid my money.

    I have an email thread of about 40 emails back and forth and I know I’ll not be getting ant refund.

    Same issues as everyone else. Written by someone who’s native language is definitely not English. The grammar is so bad it’s difficult to understand.

    They asked me to send full information of what was wrong with it…..the essay was 3500 words and there was mistakes on every single line!!! I expected to check the content but didnt even cross my mind I’d need to check grammar. I’m talking constant things like using plurals in the wrong place, sentences not making sense. Words used to describe nothing an English person would ever use.

    I’m so disappointed. You know the old saying… cheats never prosper!!! Never again.

  • This site is not real it’s a scam! They will tell you absolutely anything to take your money, but the crap they send back is copied and pasted and it doesn’t in anyway answer the assignment question. These people have been reported and being investigated. There is no place on the Internet for these disgusting shower of liars and cheats. Shame on anyone who works for Shakpapers.

  • Sharkpapers produce very low standards of work. They do not stack up to what they say about themselves on their website. A very untrustworthy company to deal with as the representatives are never honest or true. Do not waste your time and money on these people.. They really are Sharks

    • I second all that! Thier website is complete and utter bullshit and the work they produce is complete rubbish!! Who is really writing their papers? Monkeys could do far better than they do!!

  • Results in, and a miserable Fail !! You are better off taking time out and writing your assignments yourself…it took a week for sharkapers to revise my assignment 7 times. I had to submit it because of the deadline. They had 3 weeks to write it and revise it and get it right but it FAILED!! When challenged about it they backward pedal, telling you that you are responsible for your own work !! How does that add up when they are paid to write the paper but cannot get it anywhere near right after numerous revisions or follow simple instructions…Their website is a total scam. Speaking to them on the phone they are not native English, but on, on- online chat they claim to be British under the disguise of typically British names such as Burnard- Sam- Chris. Matthew and others!! And they will not honor their website and give you your money back after ruining your qualification. Why? Because they don’t care once they have your money!!. All you will hear is lies and lame excuses and passed from pillar to post. AVOID SHARK PAPERS LIKE THE PLAGUE !!!

  • Untrustworthy, unscrupulous and totally unreliable in terms of everything they promise to do. That’s because sharkpapers can’t understand the question or brief they’re given. Their writers must originate from a different planet because their writing is completely incomprehensible! And they know this but will confidently tell you they can provide exactly what you ask for. But they cannot get ANYWHERE near it. The paper they wrote for me did not in anyway answer the question. I even had to ask if they’d sent me the right paper, as I thought it had belonged to somebody else. Terrible grammar and sentence structure. Referencing was virtually non exsistant. I could not even understand where they were trying to go with it, and it was quite evident nor did they. You’ll get absolutely nowhere with this set up. All will get is an awful paper, a hole in your bank account and get told a pack of lies!! STAY WELL CLEAR OF SHARKPAPERS. And Do not believe a WORD they say!

  • I used this service and it is a terrible waste of time and money.

    The writing is poor, in terms of grammar, sentence structure and they lack the ability to follow a comprehensive brief.

    They caused me to miss two deadlines – STAY CLEAR.

    They couldn’t have chosen a better name for themselves – the are sharks!

  • This company are NOT legitimate they are completely dishonest and they are scammers with no morals or principals and are an utter disgrace to humanity. It’s simple; they’re JUST after your MONEY and are prepared to say ANYTHING on-line to get out of you. With a sickly and smug softly approach on, on – line chat, promising you the WORLD and anything you can imagine to get into your wallet. It is a complete utter hoax with barefaced lies and representatives with no conscience whatsoever, robbing hard working students blind and naming themselves from fictitious departments that do not exist, such as, Executives and support (Bernard Faust, Sam Martin, Rick Tyson, Chris Martin, Sonia Philips- to name a few)
    Basic and simple instructions sent time over and not understood or followed.
    Numerous revisions sent back because of incomprehensible English grammar and spelling and sentence structure, from writers who are not English and unable to reference properly. They could not even understand how to reference Harvard style and that is if they reference at all !!
    Revision returned without any adjustment and that is if you got the right paper returned at all. With represent ivies palming me off with lies and more lies EVERY SINGLE TIME !
    Was told by Sharkpapers that they do not entertain clients at their fictitious premises to discuss matters further – (very revealing! It’s just a post code!), and they refused to offer money back as suggested on their website which is (TOTAL FABRICATION) for their complete incompetence. So, once they have your hard earned money in their hands – you’ve had it!! This company should not be allowed to operate they are FRAUDS!! And their fraudulent practices must be exposed on all social media and investigated and STOPPED NOW!! Before those decent people fall victim, losing their money, grades and entire qualifications, affecting their futures and subsequently their families futures also. Sharkpapers is a scandal and an utter disgrace to those unfortunate individuals who stumble across their fabricated website and the wider community.

  • Shark papers representatives and writers are not genuine people or polished academics but, they are completely retarded. They cannot follow the simplest of tasks or instructions and the work they produce is less than sub standard or inadequate. It’s appalling!! The garbage they write advertising on their website are blatant lies and they cannot deliver a piece that is even reasonable. Scammers with a softly approach until they have your money then they do not care a hoot! Lies Lies Lies and more Lies, that is all you get from sharkpapers, and a piece of work that 5 year old child would laugh at. – DO NOT TRUST OR USE SHARKPAPERS – YOU WILL REGRET IT!!

  • These guys are not good.
    The person I got my work done from didn’t know how to write English…had to re word the whole thing.
    Also, didn’t use the reference sources I needed
    Defo not going back to sharkpaper

  • I will never recommend Shark papers for any one, the bad work was reflected in my grade when I get failure because of the assignment they wrote to me.

  • Shark Papers are poor. I give them 4/10
    1. Their level of writing is extremely bad.
    Imagine the essay was written in Chinese or something and then translated into English using google translate. The grammar and syntax is so astoundingly incorrect, it could only be written by someone to who English is not their first language. They will not admit this. Even when it’s BLINDINGLY obvious they will claim “the writer must be sick so they cannot produce best work sorry”. Some of the information is there and could be recycled into your own essay, but often the language used to explain is too garbled to understand. Your essay will NOT be polished and ready to hand in. You WILL have to rewrite the entire essay.
    2. Their communication is a bit of a faff, but they seem to genuinely want to help you.
    To contact shark papers you either email them but you’ll get a reply from a different customer service assistant every time. They ALWAYS have hysterically English names such as “Bernard Smith” or “Cornelius Rodgerson”. Or you can use their online chat system (the best way, in my opinion). But their level of English is only basic so sometimes they don’t quite get it. You can even get them to call you if you’re sneaky about it. If you submit a form asking for a new quote, they’ll call you within a few minutes and you can talk to a heavily accented customer assistant. They really do want to help you though. They will keep emailing you and redrafting until you say you’re happy with it. It seems genuinely important to them which I found pretty sweet.
    3. If you allow them, they will redraft and redraft until you’re happy with it.
    When I got my first draft, I won’t lie, I was pretty devastated. I contacted them right away and told them I was very dissatisfied. They genuinely did everything in their power to help me. They redrafted it (with only slightly improved English), then got me a different writer, then wrote it all again and gave me an extra 1000 words for free. But the process was a bit of a ball-ache.
    4. Their referencing is awful. You will have to find the sources they used and re-reference everything. EVERYTHING.
    … So ultimately I ended up spending a lot of time trying to communicate my breif to people who didn’t speak English and sold me an essay that I couldn’t hand in for £400. They tried and they tried, but they simply don’t have a level of English high enough to complete the task. I can speak basic German, but if I had to write a dissertation in it? Basically impossible. These guys are trying to do the impossible. That said, I just about managed to recycle 1000 words of the 6000 words into the final draft of my essay.

  • I went to shark papers for two assignments, cost me a lot of money, on the website it says 50% but they demanded the full amount, anyway my first assignment was rejected by my tutor as all wrong, so I did the work myself although I paid them £90, I had the time off and I reworked it.

    My mistake was going to them for a second time, as usual, the assignment was rejected, and they didn’t even do half the questions, so I gave it back to them and it was wrong again, and, as usual, they tend to keep on passing you from Bob to Sebastian to John to Sally and Dod knows how many other made up names, and when they agree to do the work they messed it up even more, so I had to pay again another site and they had it done in 2 days what sharks couldn’t do in 2wks… Anyway stay away from them, shark is the name shark is the game…scammers…

    I was promised a refund if I wasn’t satisfied, I got sent the essay and it was awful, just a load of random copied and pasted sentences off google about the topic in my question. Didn’t answer the question or follow my guidelines. They refused to refund me even though I didn’t use any of the essay.
    PLEASE don’t give them your money, I learnt the hard way.

    • Agree!
      I had been cheated and waited for my work for three months but yet NOTHING that i received.

      LIARS! They cheated £300 from me!

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