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There are serious issues with how their essays are written
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In short, we don’t recommend this service. There are serious issues with how their essays are written, and the quality of the finished product. You may well be better off getting your essay from trusted essay service.

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Royal Essays call themselves so because they want to provide the best of the best for their customers. As a student, of course you want only the best writers when it comes to shopping around. Can Royal Essay give you the service they say they can, or do they fall short of their own expectations?


RoyalEssays say they only hire the best of the best to write your essays. At time of writing they have just under 75 writers, with 13 from the UK. 19 have Masters degrees and 6 have PhDs. For a company that’s intent on giving your essay the top treatment, they don’t have an awful lot of writers with higher qualifications. This means that when it comes to your subject, they may well not have a writer that meets your expectations at all.
Rating: 3/5

Company trust

One of the most important things you need from any writing service is confidentiality. Royal Essay promise that they will never sell on your information, and that your privacy is paramount to them. However, we noticed that they don’t publish their physical address anywhere on their website. This is a red flag, as it means the company is less trustworthy than previously imagined.
Rating: 2/5


First and foremost, any writing company needs to offer top quality essays. They need to be original, written by experts, and worthy of top grades. Worryingly though, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Past customers say that they’ve received essays that were clearly resold to them, and weren’t able to clearly answer the assignment given. Even worse, there have been several cases of plagiarism from the company. This isn’t exactly the first class service they’re touting in their promotional material.
Rating: 2/5

Price price

Prices will vary, depending on how soon you need your essay and what it needs to contain. In our tests, we priced up a 2:1 standard essay at 500 word or 2 pages long, to be delivered within ten days. The price came out at £40.06. You can get a 10% discount with your first order. There are additional services too, such as getting a top writer to do your essay for £6.01, high priority status for £9.99, and a plagiarism report for £14.99. This sounds incredibly cheap, but remember that the quality has already been reported to be poor. Also, a plagiarism report should really be included with the essay as standard.
Rating: 3/5

Customer service

You can get in touch with Royal Essays at any point during the ordering process, although it’s been noted that their customer service is not the best around. There’s a satisfaction guarantee too, if you’re not happy with your essay you have a two week window in which to have revisions done. However, if you’ve ordered close to your deadline you may not have time to have these revisions done.
Rating: 3/5


In short, we don’t recommend There are serious issues with how their essays are written, and the quality of the finished product. You may well be better off getting your essay elsewhere.

Overall rating: 13/25

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