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The quality they're offering isn't on the level that you need
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Should you use Premium Help? They look trustworthy, but the quality they’re offering isn’t on the level that you need. You need top quality writing, and that isn’t what is happening here. It’s best to stay away from this service and try professional writers.

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Every student knows the struggle of trying to get work done on time. What are you going to do if you can’t handle an essay on time? The best thing to do is to get help from a writing service. look good, but are they the right service?

Writers writers

Any good essay hinges on a good writer. Here at PremiumHelp, there are just under 50 writers on staff, 8 of whom are from the UK. There are 15 writers with Masters degrees, and 4 with PhDs. What’s surprising about this is just how few writers there are overall. With less writers on staff, it’s clear that it’ll be harder to find a writer with the skills needed to handle your essay.
Rating: 3/5

Company trust

Before you use any writing service, you need to be sure that you trust them with your data. Some companies will look trustworthy, but when you hand over your data, they’ll happily sell it on to third parties. Can you be sure this won’t happen here? Look for the trust signals. There’s a physical address for this company, so you can see that they’re genuine. There’s also a full privacy policy, so you can see how they use your data.
Rating: 3/5


You’ve got to know if you’ll get a good essay from this service. You’re paying your hard-earned money for this essay, so it needs to perform well. We’ve been looking at examples of the work at Premium Help, so you can see what you’ll get.
What we saw fell below our expectations. There were several problems, but one of the biggest was that writers clearly didn’t know how to lay out an essay. Important pieces of info would be missing, citations would be done wrong, and more. These are all things that will lose you marks, so you don’t want to see them in a finished piece of work.
Rating: 3/5


When shopping around for essays, you’ll see that you can get quotes on work quite easily on services’ home pages. Here though, you’re not able to do this. To get a quote, you’ll need to get in touch with the service and of course, hand over your data to get it. This is not ideal if you’re worried about safety. You’ll also see that there are no discounts for first time customers, or additional services to buy.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

If you need help with your order, there’s a customer service team you can get in touch with. They’ll help you if you have questions about ordering, or you have an order already in progress. Talking to past customers, apparently many have had to wait a long time for a reply once they did get in touch with the team.
Rating: 3/5


Should you use Premium Help? They look trustworthy, but the quality they’re offering isn’t on the level that you need. You need top quality writing, and that isn’t what is happening here. It’s best to stay away from this service and try professional writers.

Overall rating: 14/25

20 thoughts on “Review: Premium Help

  • Do not use this service. Customer service is terribly rude they don’t deliver quality job they do not follow the instructions you gave them they don’t deliver on time.
    I paid for 3 assignments on 26th of November 1000 words each I have been told that I’ll get the in 2 days they were late 3 days as they told me the writer was sick. In the end I recieved 3 absolutely the same assignments. They have tried to tell me that I fill the order form incorrectly and it’s my fault but I haven’t been sent any form to fill. I left a bad feedback about this company and they said that I have been asking for a free service which they do not provide that was absolutely wrong as I got the payment on my bank statements and I can prove that I paid them! The plagiarism report has been sent to me as well which was 10% for 1000 words assignment which is ridiculous high for such a small assignment. They are not professionals do not waste your money and your time with them.

  • DO NOT USE – they tell you one fee and then they keep coming back asking for more money because of problems they found. Then when you say you cant afford it they try to blackmail you and say that they will tell your university and that you will be charged a penalty of £5000 and banned and even deported. Do not trust this company.

    • i purchased help from them (just guidance not the whole dissertation) and they aren’t letting me get a refund. Do you know where I could report them because as soon as i purchased the help i decided i didn’t want the help anymore. i asked and he said no? This has now really worried me that they’re going to tell my university, even though i only needed a bit of guidance and i’m not going to use any of the material they gave me but i want a refund because i paid a lot of money

      • SCAM! Those people are not British. No worries they are not going to tell your university. Report them to the police Action Fraud website; open a dispute if you wanna have your money back, but it depends on the way you paid them (PayPal or bank). A few months ago, they asked for me to pay for the copyrights (requested by the Department for Education) otherwise the government will investigate my name, will fine me of more than £10,000 along with the cancellation of Degree and also being banned from the Europe Education Board with more than 5 months’ imprisonment. I paid for it (I never got my copyrights from them) and asked for a refund; then they told me they will go to my university to report it; I paid more money in order to stop them. I was cheated on more than £1,000 pounds!
        They are a plague worse than coronavirus! DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE! If you use their services you will get: a rubbish assignment (a load of nonsense without any proper academic references), headache, waste your time, stress and lose a lot of money. DO NOT use their services or talk to them on the phone. They will try to get more and more money from you like snakes.

          • I paid more than £1,000 pounds to those people! DO NOT PAY ANYTHING TO THEM EVERYTHING FROM THOSE IS A FRAUD! That letter from the Department for Education was fake.
            After that I found out that we do not need to pay for the copyrights in UK. The government says: “you get copyright protection automatically – you do not have to apply or pay a fee. There is not a register of copyright works in the UK.” (Gov UK Copyright)
            Try to get your money back; open a dispute, but it depends on the way you paid them (PayPal or Bank); report them to the police (Action Fraud Website) This is what I did. The police will not contact your university.

        • Hey how did you resolve this? Did they stop contacting you after awhile? Have been advised not to contact them again by the action fraud police and have reported the incident as well as report this to the police and my bank. Did they ever get in touch with your university?

          • Those fraudsters have no longer contact me or contact my university. No worries.
            Everybody should report them to the police we have to stop them!

  • DON’T USE IT!!!!! It is really fake!!! They didn’t give me any work and they didn’t give me my money back!!!

  • Do not use them, they send you your work but it’s clear that they haven’t followed your instructions in the slightest. They do this so you can ask for a revision, so that when you ask for a revision they still won’t do it well or deliver it on time, that way they get to offer you a refund. The refund is where they scam you because they tell you that they have to call your university to confirm that you haven’t used the work and they act all sincere but they’re not and they know what they are doing, they know that sending an email to your university means you could get into trouble which is how they make you spend more to cancel the refund

    • They are trying the same thing with me, they start to blackmail me and they require more money for nothing. Do you have any ideea how to stop them?

      • It is a fraud! Those people have different websites such as myassignmenthelps, premium help, kings academic help, british academichelp, kingdom academichelp. Do not pay anything to them! Report them to the police – Action Fraud website. If you wanna your money back it depends on the way you pay them (PayPal or bank) and open a dispute otherwise you have to pay a lawyer. No worries it will not affect your university. They are not British but in India. Good luck.

    • hey, Lilly is there a website in which I can get legitimate service I require assistance with my dissertation It would be much appreciated.

  • THIS IS A SCAM!!! I have been involved with a £9000 scam. Telling me that they will tell my university, they took forms of ID off me too. It was when the refund process happened, that’s when they SCAM you. I also have been given the Copyright certificate but its FAKE. I spoke to legal advice too and they said that it was a SCAM, because the DFE (Department for Education) would not need to issue a certificate like this.

    All i can say is DO NOT USE THEM!

    • OMG! It happened with me as well. Try to get your money back; open a dispute, but it depends on the way you paid them (PayPal or Bank). This is what I did. Good luck!

      • They’ve tried contacting me again, threatening me that the UK Naric are involved and their gonna expel me against the module etc. I am currently trying to speak to someone from the Action Fraud team.

        • No worries those fraudsters cannot do anything to you.
          Everybody have to report them to the police (Action Fraud Website).
          Those guys are not a UK based company (they only have it registered in the UK but situated somewhere in India; they have many websites such as, myassignmenthelps, PREMIUM HELP, kings academic help, british academichelp, kingdom academichelp. Their address 207 Regent St, Mayfair, London W1B 3HH, UK is an empty shop in central London.

      • They had the audacity to try and contact me again, and threaten me! Saying the UK Naric have queried something. Bare in mind my last call with them, I was told my case had been closed. I didn’t answer or reply to anything as I have a police fraud case with these guys now. I have blocked them off email, phone and WhatsApp now. Im just shook more than anything.
        It’s disgusting how there are these sorta people out here. The letter that they sent as well had a difference address to their address on the website.

        PLEASE GUYS! Check this out before doing anything.

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