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More Review say they’re different to other writing services, as they can offer bespoke writing services such as personal statements, and other documents you may need. Are they the writing service for you? Read on to find out everything you need to know.


This company say they only hire the best writers for the services they offer. Right now, there are just under 50 writers working for them, 22 of whom are from the UK. 27 have Masters degrees, and 9 have PhDs. We’re surprised that there are so few writers from the UK, especially as the service is UK based. If you don’t get a UK writer, can they give you the same level of service?
Rating: 3/5

Company trust

The best way to check whether a company is trustworthy is to look for trust signals on their website. The more open they are with you, the better. This company lists their physical address, meaning that they are more trustworthy than most. However, there’s no real privacy policy on the site, which means you can’t be sure that they’re not selling on your details to third parties. You’ll need to be careful if you order with PersonalStatementFolks.
Rating: 3/5


Now to possibly the most important part of the review. Can this service write work for that’s top quality? Will it get you the grades you need? We’ve been reading samples of their work, as well as reviews from past customers, to see what they can do.
We noticed that on many different occasions, the writers had missed out or used important sections incorrectly. For examples, bibliographies would often be missed out, when they’re essential to the essay. This meant that students had to wait longer, as the mistakes had to be corrected.
Rating: 3/5

Price price

There are different services available here, so what you’ll pay will depend on what you order. As an example, take a 2:1, 2 page personal statement that’s due in 10 days. With this service, you’ll pay £75 GBP. There are no discounts available to you as a first time customer, unlike other services which offer them. There’s also no additional services you can buy if you need them.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

If you need assistance with your order, there is a customer service team ready to help you. They can be contacted by phone, email or live chat if you need to speak with them. Be aware though, that they may not be able to help with everything. Some customers have said that they couldn’t get a refund on work that wasn’t up to standard, even when they thought they were entitled to it. This left them without the work and their money.
Rating: 3/5


As you can see, Personal Statement Folks are a genuine writing service that can give you the writing you need. The quality of the writing they offer is debateable, though. You may be better off looking around at other writing services, before settling with this one.

Overall rating: 14/25

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