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If you need help with an essay, then you’ve got a lot of services to choose from. Can you trust to get you an essay quickly? This review has everything you need to know.


At the time of writing, there are just under 75 writers working with Paper Overnight, 24 of whom are based in the UK. There are 39 writers with Masters degrees, and 18 with PhDs. That’s not a huge amount of writers available, which means you don’t have a lot of choice when it comes to the writer you use. Some students like having the choice of which writer writes their essay, so this may put some students off.
Rating: 3/5

Company trust

There are plenty of stories of students finding their details being sold off by writing services, so you’ve got to be careful. Can you trust this company with your data? You’ve got to look for trust signals on their website and make a decision. This service does list their address, but they’re located in the US, and so won’t be subject to the same data protection laws that a British service should be.
Rating: 3/5


Any writing service you use should be able to write excellent essays for you, no matter how soon you need them. Can this service do this for you? We’ve looked at samples of their work, as well as reviews from past customers, to see what they can do.
Looking at their work, it seems that many writers struggle with structuring an essay to college or university standards. Grammar was often an issue, meaning that essays, as they were delivered, were not good enough to be used by students.
Rating: 3/5

Price price

To give you an idea of pricing, let’s take a sample essay that’s 2:1 level, 2 pages long, and due in 10 days. With this writing service, you’ll be looking at paying £20.46 GBP. There’s no introductory discounts available, and no additional services to buy. The initial price is quite cheap, but it’s not giving you the quality writing that you can get for a similar price elsewhere.
Rating: 3/5

Customer service

There’s a customer service team available if you need help with your order. They can help if you’re just thinking of ordering, or you have an order in progress. Be aware, though, that there are some issues with the refund policy. It’s quite strict, and it’s not clear what the rules are. That means that some students have found they weren’t entitled to refunds they thought they could have.
Rating: 3/5


PaperOvernight isn’t a service that we would recommend to students needing help. If you’re going to order an essay, you need a writer that can craft a good quality essay without the hassle. With this service, you don’t know if you’re going to get that. The refund policy is an issue too, so you can’t be sure you’ll get your money back if you’re not happy with the order.

Overall rating: 15/25

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