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Students worldwide are struggling with their increased workloads. With university, work and family commitments, how can you get it all done? are one of just many companies that offer to help you with those assignments. Here’s everything you need to know about them before you place that order.

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The writers at this service, we are told, are all chosen especially for their skills. Any prospective writers are vetted and tested before they’re allowed on staff, to ensure that they have the skills needed to write your essay.

Right now, there are just under 150 writers working for PaperFellows, 90 of whom are from the UK. There are 104 writers with Masters degrees, and 51 with PhDs. We’re surprised to see so many writers with higher level degrees. These are high numbers for a writing service, which means you’re more likely to get an expert working on your paper. That’s great news, as you know your writer really will know their stuff when it comes to your subject.

Rating: 8/10

Company trust

No matter who you go with, you need a company that will respect your right to privacy. Customers with other services have found that their details have been sold onto other companies, or that their order details had been divulged to other companies. That’s something you obviously want to avoid, so can you be sure that Australian Help won’t do this?

The best way to find out is to check out the site’s privacy policy, and see what they have to say. Many companies don’t bother to include one, but we found that Australian Help actually has quite a detailed and comprehensive policy. It’s recommended that you read through it before deciding to order.

This policy points out how your data is used, so you know exactly why they’re taking some data from you, and whether you should go with them. Having such a comprehensive policy means that you have all the facts at hand before you go ahead and place that order.

Rating: 8/10

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Now, you’re probably here because you want to know if the writers here can give you what you need in terms of writing. Do their writers really know their subjects well, and will you get an essay that’s worth paying? We’ve looked at reviews from customers, as well as the samples that are available on the website, to get an idea.

We were pleased to see that Australian Help are able to put out very good quality essays, time and time again. Customers said that the essays they got were clearly written by experts, who knew what they were talking about. That meant their essays were well researched and sourced correctly, meaning these students got the best grades possible for their essays. This is good news for any student considering them, as it looks as though you’ll get an amazing essay every time.

Customers were also pleased with the range of services available with the company. There were lots of writing services that you wouldn’t have expected. These included copywriting and CV writing, services that can come into their own when you need them the most. Of course, there were also editing and proofreading services, if that’s something you need too. All bases are covered here!

Rating: 10/10


Prices are unique to every customer, thanks to the different needs they will have in regards to their papers. As an example, let’s take an Associate level literature review, that’s 3 pages long and due in 14 days. With this service, this will cost $44.97 USD. This is some of the best pricing we’ve seen around, and is certainly affordable for most students.

If you’re looking to get a bargain, then you’re in luck. As a first time customer, you can claim a discount of 15% on your first order. If you’ve never ordered before and are looking to save some ash, this is good news for you.

There are other ways to get money off your order, too. When you check out the website, you’ll see that there are discounts available for first-time customers. You can also get discounts that are offered for a limited time. It’s certainly worth keeping up with what they’re offering, as you can get a serious bargain with them.

Rating: 8/10

Customer service

There’s a customer service team that are available 24/7 if you need some help. They can help out with almost anything, from questions about ordering to issues with revisions when the essay is done. The team appears to be comprised of native English speakers, which means that it’s much easier than you’d think to get in touch. All you have to do is fire off a message, and they’ll be back to you as soon as they can.

It’s clear that Paper Fellows care about the customer experience. They’ve outlined what the customer should expect in their policies, especially the revision and refund policies. That means that everything is clear before you place that order. If you ensure you read it all carefully before you part with your cash, you shouldn’t have any problems at all. If you do, you’ll know exactly what you should expect of Paper Fellows, making the whole process easier.

There are several departments that you can get in touch with if you need help. For example, the support team will help with writing issues, the billing team with payment or refund issues, and sales team with pre-payment questions. You’ll be able to get an answer quickly, thanks to being able to contact the right team right away.

Rating: 10/10


We can recommend Paper Fellows whole heartedly, as they’re some of the best writers we’ve seen online. The quality of the writing is excellent, and it’s clear you can rely on them to write an essay you can pass with, every time. The customer service is excellent too, so you know they have your back, no matter what. You should consider them the next time you need help with an essay.

Overall rating: 44/50

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  • Excellent customer service. I had several queries about my paper prior to ordering as it was something a bit different from a normal essay. The lady I spoke to on the telephone was really knowledgeable and helped me get my paper ordered quickly and easily.

  • As an EAL student, it’s hard to keep up with the rest of my class sometimes. The language barrier can make it difficult to get assignments done, as I have to translate and understand them first. That’s why I’m so glad PaperFellows is here to help. They show me what needs to be done, and help me through the entire writing process. I wouldn’t be able to get my papers written otherwise!

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