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The writing is far from what you want in a premium writing service
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Oxford Dissertation isn’t able to offer the high-level writing service that you’ve come to expect. The writing is far from what you want in a premium writing service. Then there’s the issue of getting a quote, and the fact there’s no assurance of privacy. It’s best not to use this service for your all-important dissertation.

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❗️Update June 2023: Unfortunately, this service has closed.

Writing a dissertation is a time-consuming job, one you just don’t have time for with all of your other commitments. That’s why services like are popping up, looking to handle all of your writing work for you. Should you trust them with this important task?


Who are the writers that work for this service? At time of writing, there are just under 50 writers on staff, 6 of whom are from the UK. Of that number, 11 have Masters degrees and 6 have PhDs. When this service is selling itself on the high level writing it does, why does it have so few writers with higher level degrees? You need writers with excellent subject knowledge, and it’s hard to know if you’ll get that here.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

Visit most writing service websites, and you’ll see them assuring you that they take your privacy seriously. That’s important to know, as there are so many scam sites out there that will take your data and sell it on. You want to know that OxfordDissertation won’t do that to you. It’s hard to find out for sure though, as there’s no such privacy policy on their site. Can you be sure they have your best interests at heart?
Rating: 2/5


This is the most important part of the review for many students. If you’re going to order your dissertation from this service, are they going to give you top quality writing? We’ve been hunting down real-life samples of their work, to see what they can do.
It’s clear that in many cases, they can give you what they promise. Academic writing is an art, and some of their writers aren’t that skilled at it. For example, there were plenty of samples where sections were implemented incorrectly or straight up missing, such as bibliographies or citations. Obviously, this is less than ideal.
Rating: 2/5

Price order form

With most writing services, you can get a quote for what you need on their site. You can’t do that on this site, though. To get that price, you need to actually start the ordering process. You’ll also see that there’s no first-time customer discount as you’d expect, or additional services that you can buy.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

The customer service team is ready around the clock to help you, should you need them. You can contact them via several channels, such as phone, email and live chat. Some customers have said, though, that once you make the initial contact it takes them a long time to get back to you. If you do get in touch, be prepared to wait.
Rating: 2/5


Oxford Dissertation isn’t able to offer the high-level writing service that you’ve come to expect. The writing is far from what you want in a premium writing service. Then there’s the issue of getting a quote, and the fact there’s no assurance of privacy. It’s best not to use this service for your all-important dissertation.

Overall rating: 10/25

18 thoughts on “Review: Oxford Dissertation (Closed)

  • Hello,
    please they have started blackmailing me that they will send evidence to my school, but I did not even use the work they sent, and I do not know what to do. Am an international student , can they really contact my school about the work I did not use ut paid them for

  • Oh my God! I wish I’d seen all this before I hired them. They are running a scam for sure. They started threatening me and saying I’m lying. They provided an absolute sham. Couldn’t wipe your butt with it. When I asked for a refund they started threatening me and becoming a rude! Never trust them at all. They are completely shameless taking money off people without providing any assistance at all. They kept passing me from one person to another. They have zero subject knowledge, they didn’t write properly, grammar was appalling basically the worst I’ve ever seen. A person needs support sometimes and with covid as a student there was not enough support. These guys capitalised on that and scammed people out of their hard earned money.

  • Hi guys, even I asked them for a dissertation and all they did was to copy my cv. Then when I asked for my refund back they became so nasty and bitter, telling me is because of black people they too are doing fraud, all-black needs to be deported because this is his country and even if I make a complaint to the police they will put him first cuz they’re all British etc……………He even said I should ask UCAS to put the money on my hand cuz they are not going to do a refund

  • Oxford dissertation services is a scam. I am filing a formal complaint against them. Please do not believe any of it, they will not help you but take your precious time and make you upset. The money they take is not the worse thing to lose. They are liars.

  • I experienced same thing as above.
    I made payment and did not receive receipt. And after I paid my contact person had not replied my message for 2 weeks.
    I asked prompt action but no replied then I asked cancellation and refund.
    The contact person and other person called me again and again and leave voice message which was silent over and over again.
    That was so weird.

  • The people at Oxford dissertation are an absolute shameless bunch of rogues who simply rob you of your time and money, don’t waste your effort with these lots; I don’t even know how they live with their conscience.
    I used their services for an assignment because I was short of time and it was an absolute catastrophe and needless to mention that I failed woefully, these guys are devoid of any sincerity and most of all, devoid of any knowledge of the subject matter they claim to possess.

    • hi love the same thing happened to me! i contacted the police and filed a report, did they end up contacting your uni? i contacted mine just incase and they said it was fine

  • I used their service, they didn’t do any of what I asked for, so I couldn’t use the assignment they sent. When I tried to get a refund I had very weird phone calls. It all felt like scam to me.
    Don’t use this service!

  • They basically stole my £300. And when I asked for a refund they said I had to get my Dean to confirm I wasn’t using their work. The work I asked them to revise. Rude and so unprofessional. It’s a scam people do not use this service.

    • hi, I am having the same experience. I paid and they are just killing the time and doing nothing. I did not even get any receipt of payment I did to them. It is very much frustrating experience and they seems scammers.

    • That is exactly true about this particular company. They are scammers.I have had the same experience. The also stole £500 from me and the delivered nothing and every time someone different will call or send messages from different numbers.

    • hi love i had the same experience! i contacted the police, filed a report and contacted my uni. did they contact your uni?

    • It’s so surprising that they even think their work is of a standard that can be used!! It’s rubbish. You couldn’t submit any of it – you’d fail for sure!! It’s ridiculous, they have no conscious at all. Total scammers.

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