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Too many reports of poor grammar means that you're not getting what you pay for here
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Overall we wouldn’t recommend Locus Assignments, as they don’t offer the best writing quality we’ve seen. Too many reports of poor grammar means that you’re not getting what you pay for here. The fact that you also have to give data in order to get a quote is worrying, too.

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Any good writing service should only hire the best writers to create a staff that can handle any demand. What does the staff here look like? Right now there are around 50 writers on staff, 5 of whom are from the UK. There are 14 writers with Masters degrees, and 7 with PhDs. That’s a very small staff to have, and an even smaller percentage as UK writers. If you order here, are you going to get a writer who’s a native English speaker, who understands your needs as a student in the UK?
Rating: 3/5

Company trust

When ordering an essay with anyone, you’ve got to be certain that you trust them with your data? How do you do that? The best way is to look into the website for trust signals. For example, are they listing a privacy policy, or signs that they’re legit, such as a physical address? There is a privacy policy on the LocusAssignments site, so you can read it carefully if you’re thinking of ordering.
Rating: 3/5


Is the writing any good? Of course, that’s why you’re here. You don’t want to buy an essay from here if it’s not good enough to get you good grades. We’ve been talking to past customers to see what they got from them. Many reported that their essays were grammatically incorrect in several places. This points to the fact that the essays may be written in a hurry, or are generally rather sloppy. This isn’t what you want when you’re paying for an essay.
Rating: 3/5

Price discounts

With most writing sites, if you’re looking for a quote on their services, then you’ll be able to use their price calculator to work out what you’ll pay. If you want a quote here though, you’re going to have to get in touch, and hand over some of your data. Also, be aware there’s no new customer discount, or additional services to buy.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

There’s a customer service team on standby if you’ve got questions about your order, or if you’re even just thinking about ordering. If you need help, you can get in touch with them. As they’re open 24/7, you’ll soon find that the team aren’t based in a native English speaking country. That does mean that it’s harder to communicate with the team, something that you don’t want when you’re in a hurry or just stressed about getting your work done on time.
Rating: 3/5


Overall we wouldn’t recommend Locus Assignments, as they don’t offer the best writing quality we’ve seen. Too many reports of poor grammar means that you’re not getting what you pay for here. The fact that you also have to give data in order to get a quote is worrying, too.

Overall rating: 14/25

8 thoughts on “Review: Locus Assignments

  • Scammers all the way , they only take you money and they dont deliver in time and when they do the work is so bad that you get very bad grade or just fail ! Save yourself and just choose someone with good reviews !

  • They are not following the deadlines!
    No response from them or false promises to complete the tasks when they fail to make them on time. After a few new deadlines set by them on the same task, they stop the communication. As a result, you will fail.
    The poor grammar is another problem.
    Some of their writers are not qualified and the analysis are really poor.

    I asked to cod 2 interviews and they demonstrated they are not capable to do it. Sent back to correct it 3 times and they sent me same shit. Sentences with non sense, full mistakes, writing as a school boy. I want my money back!

  • hi
    can someone advice me how I can get back the money from them?
    I paid 75 pounds and they can’t make the assignment

  • Please guys stay away of this company. You will cry for your money: they can`t even speak or write for that matter, English language properly. They are just in a hurry to take the money and then deliver a rubbish service.
    This is a sample of their work:
    “According to the working of organizations named as Crown Tours Ltd and Thomson, the evaluation of time scales based over the packages is done as per the demands and needs of customers. At the time of focusing over the development of tours and travel packages, the opinion of customers.Accurate Services: For providing the great experience of living in London, the daily needs of students are facilitated with the proper services.
    Cost: For living in 3days, the cost estimated for the tour is about 600 pounds. In which the sightseeing and meal is added over the additional cost. In total the cost is estimated to be 800 pounds.
    Route: The route which would be focused in the planning is about United Kingdom-Amsterdam-Netherland. The overall distance to be covered is approximately 350 km. For providing proper entertainment and rest, the aim of travelling per day 30 km is focused.”
    This is only a sample , but judge for yourself!!!!! As you can all see from the text, people travel between the UK and Netherland on foot probably,30 km a day????? It doesn`t make any sense at all !!!!

    So please, please guys : Just stay away of these crooks !!!!!

  • Please guys stay away of this Locus assignment !!!! After almost a month , lots of stress and time wasted , they couldn`t even come back with what I paid for. The grammar is bad and you can`t even understand anything from what they are saying. The value for the money you pay it`s so poor that not only you will find yourself crying for the money you paid but you feel like they need to pay you back at least the same amount for the stress and problems they caused.

    Never, ever again!!! Please stay away of them and hope no one will ever use them again and they will finally disappear from the market. As someone else said : THEY ARE FRAUD INDEED !!!!!

  • This website is fraud. They uploaded half work and asked for payment. After that no response. That half work they did also not worth it. Stay away from FRAUD.

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