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The quality of the essays on offer isn’t as good as you would want them to be.
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Global Assignment Help isn’t the best writing service out there, not compared to other sites you can order from in the UK. The quality of the essays on offer isn’t as good as you would want them to be, meaning you’re not getting value for money. Instead, we’d recommend doing more research on writing services, and pick one that’s better suited to your needs.

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Students have to handle so much, it’s no surprise that they need help getting their assignments done. If you’re struggling with your workload, says that they can help you. Can they offer you the quality you need? This review has everything you need to know.


At time of writing, there are just under 50 writers working for Global Assignment Help, 5 of whom are from the UK. 17 of these writers have Masters Degrees, and 4 have PhDs. We weren’t impressed with just how few writers they have on staff. There are other writing services in the UK that easily have 3 times that number. Can they handle the demand for services, especially at the end of a semester?
Rating: 1/5

Company trust

Any writing service you use needs to respect your privacy when you order. Most services will offer some kind of confidentiality guarantee. We took a look at the guarantees on this site, and there doesn’t appear to be anything that guarantees your privacy when you order with them. That means that you can’t guarantee that your details won’t be sold on, or that they won’t be kept to the service itself. You need to be careful with your data, so this is a big mark against the service.
Rating: 1/5


Wherever you order your essay from, you need to know that they’ll write you an excellent paper. Can GlobalAssignmentHelp do this? We took a look at what they’re offering to see how they write. We weren’t too impressed with what was on offer. The biggest issue we saw was that some essays are clearly being written by non native English speakers. That means the quality of the essay suffers, even if the writer has the right subject background.
Rating: 2/5

Price price

Prices will always be different, depending on what you order. As an example, a 2:1 undergraduate essay, that’s 4 pages long and delivered within 10 days, would cost £21.20 GBP. You can get a 25% discount right now too, if you’re a first time customer. There are no additional services, such as proofreading, though. That price looks good, but you’re not getting the quality you need for it.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

If you need help with your order, there’s a customer service team on call to help you out. We looked at what customers are saying, and it seems that there’s an issue with the refund policy. The policy is much stricter than they’re advertising; so many customers are being left without their cash when they thought they were entitled to it back.
Rating: 1/5


Global Assignment Help isn’t the best writing service out there, not compared to other sites you can order from in the UK. The quality of the essays on offer isn’t as good as you would want them to be, meaning you’re not getting value for money. Instead, we’d recommend doing more research on writing services, and pick one that’s better suited to your needs.

Overall rating: 7/25

31 thoughts on “Review: Global Assignment Help

  • WAIST OF MONEY AND TIME! They fail to deliver on every aspect. The writing is not done by a native English speaker. The work delivered is full of grammar and spelling mistakes with random referencing that don’t follow the guidelines. Any attempts of correction results with even more mistakes. The level of writing is on primary level with 12 years old making better sentences. Avoid at all costs. They don’t provide refunds despite clearly advertising. Total SCAM.

  • Don’t use their services!!!
    This is the Worst company! They are a bunch of layers, incompetent, and NOT PROFESSIONAL! They will just SCAM you to take your money and lay to you they won’t will deliver the work until you give up or you miss the deadline. Don’t waste you money!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avoid them website…it’s a scam…they don’t treat you seriously and they don’t have any academic skills …very weak content of assignment, they made the correction for 3 times, i haven’t got any improvement …then, based on them, researches and references are not going nowhere…my first experience being very bad….they wrong the topic…when i saw i just e.mail them for a refund based on wrong assignment and delays… they insist with no return, only correction… finally , a long and stressful story with not any result !! !!!!BE AWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I WISH TO REPORT THEM WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DO NOT USE. They have the worst writers (they shouldn’t even be called that), don’t read the briefs, do not follow the requirements, have expression and grammar mistakes, use senseless phrases…and I could go on forever.

  • Cheap prices but an unreliable site. Working with it is just a waste of time, nerves, and money.
    Completely unprofessional and irresponsible writers. For them, the assignment is just something to be written but unfortunately, doesn’t meet the criteria of the brief. Lack of knowledge, using the style of references at Harvard and command words. The assignments are full of grammatical and spelling mistakes and need a complete reworking. Some parts don’t make any sense. When asked for corrections, the work is returned without adjustments. Late response and missing the deadline for submission.

  • Refund money for the order Code : B02827 / Code : B04505 : Failed module based on failed assignment, missed deadline for sending 5 wrong modified assignments.

    Non-compliance with the instructions in the assignment brief (TASK 1 – 60%) (1500 words) + TASK 2 – 40% (1000 words) the modified work you provide contains between 4000-4500 words.

    Site ad reads:
    100% Money Back
    In case we fail to provide you quality work or send the assignment late to you, then you can get money back within 5-6 working days.

  • Good morning All,

    Have you tried to report them at all? I gave them time by Monday(4th May) for a full refund otherwise I am going to report them on every possible place.

    Please let me know if you have any info.

    Many thanks

  • AVOID,AVOID THESE INCOMPETENTS. They made me one assignment and I have failed it,I just finished the Top Up course but I didn’t get my certificate because of them, I need to do a new assignment now and I asked them for my money but they don’t want to give me my money back. Ridiculous… I will do them complaints everywhere and I will make sure that somebody will take majors again them. Please help me and tell the people to avoid them because they even don’t know how to write. Please

    I can’t believe they still exist
    I asked them for help and gave them a lot of time to do it, as I was planning everything well ahead
    It turned out that I was in a big trouble trusting them
    The writers don’t even speak English
    And a mean NO ENGLISH
    Their word documents have the auto correct switched of, At least the ones they sent to me
    No sentences were making any sense
    It was as if the guy was writing it on his phone whilst driving.
    Even the references at the bottom were mixed with wrong topic ones
    I’m doing computing and they have included references for health care material in my assignment
    End up spending £350 for paper that I’ve never used
    Absolutely Preposterous

  • Unfortunately is a waste of time and money and headaches. AVOID this company. Absolutely disgusting and customer support is IMPOSSIBLE to deal with. Honestly think twice before order.
    No star for them absolutely rubbish 🙁

  • This global help assignments are fraudsters and they write rubbish, they are only after your money and they cannot write correct English all their work is full of grammatical errors and they don’t even know how to do citation and the worst of all they will not give you back your money and they will avoid picking up your calls and they don’t take corrections. They are not professionals and they copy and paste from the internet and they need to be reported and jailed for rubbing people.

  • Very unprofessional. I did not received not even past with any of the assignment provided. After tutor’s comment they have requested extra money pretending that they have to add 1000 words..Although they meet the requirements with words count,they have provided rubbish..not recommend them!!

  • Had to submit a small claims court. The worst company and rude customer service. AVOID THIS SCAM COMPANY!!!

  • Unfortunately is a waste of time and money. You will not get even a pass with their help and also when you ask for the work to be reassessed you will receive back same work without any modifications done . On the website is it written that for any inconvenience like bad results you will get a refund , this will never happen. Everything stated above can be proved with screenshots.So avoid this company

  • The work is dishonest. They don’t offer any help. They add intext citation but nothing changed. At least give some resources, put the person in the right direction, offer advice. Not recommended at all.

  • This company is a fraud. Please be aware! This company just copies contents and paste it on spinbot and then changes all the words which are plagiarised through Turnitin doing it in minutes and charging for just copy pasting. Kindly avoid these scammers literally I can provide you proofs they are completely garbage. I mean I found some writers in India they at least got me a pass unlike them who had once 78 percent plagiarism.

    • I have a bad ,very bad experience with this shit Global assignment. They took my and my husband’s money and didint delivered the Assignment. Gave us so hard time and headache.

  • Work is not done properly, you provide them with a lot of information from the lectures and they still cannot do the job. They write in English but it’s a very poor and broken English. It’s not my mother language but still I communicate and write better than them. They claim that assignments are checked before they’re sent to you but I doubt it – too many mistakes and grammatical errors.

  • AVOID. WORST Company ever.. never trust them.. didn’t deliver the work and charged me extra for a short period. AVOID AVOID. PAY UPFRONT AND DIDN’T GET MY WORK.

    • That is so true! They done this with me and my husband, didn’t deliver the Assignment and gave us so hard time. I struggle to have my money back , but they even didn’t answer. They are thieves. Dont trust them never ever

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