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They send papers back still full of mistakes
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Overall, Fine Papers hasn’t displayed the quality of work that we were expecting. You would expect them to finely edit papers to make them perfect, but in fact they’re sent back still full of mistakes. This isn’t the service you want if you need editing done well.

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An essay isn’t done until it’s been edited and proofread to perfection. You know this, but you also know you’re not the right person to edit your work. That’s why you’re looking for a service that can help you get this task done. Are the right people for the job?


Who’s going to be handling the editing for you on your essays? There are around 50 writers total here working on essays, with 9 of them being from the UK. There are 13 writers with Masters degrees, and 3 with PhDs. The number of UK editors is concerning. As you’re a student in the UK, you need an editor who understands English perfectly to edit your work. You’re more likely to get a non-native English speaker when you order here.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

When ordering any kind of academic writing work, you want to be sure that the company you’re using is legit. There are so many stories of students being scammed by the services they’ve used online. Can you be sure this one is genuine? They have a link to their ‘privacy policy’, but when you click it actually gives you info on their revisions and refund policies. That’s concerning, as you don’t know what they’ll actually do with your data once they have it.
Rating: 2/5


If you’re going to get FinePapers to edit your work, are they actually going to give you the best quality paper possible? If you’re not sure, it’s best to check work they’ve done in the past. We’ve been looking at essays they’ve corrected for students, to see how good they are.
Even though they’ve sent these essays back to students as fully edited, there’s plenty of mistakes still left in the text. This includes things like incorrect citations, spelling errors, and missing information. If the writers are sending these back as completed, they’re not going to grade as highly as they should.
Rating: 2/5

Price discount

Usually, you’d be able to get a quote on the work that needs to be done on the site’s homepage. Here though, you’re not able to do this. You also can’t get any information any additional services that you can buy, or any first-time customer discounts. That leaves you at a disadvantage, as you don’t know what you should expect to pay.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

If you need help, or are looking for a revision or refund on your work, you can talk to the customer service team. They’re available on the site or even through channels like WhatsApp. This makes it easy to send your message to them. You will be waiting for a while on a reply though, which is less than ideal if you’re up against that deadline.
Rating: 3/5


Overall, Fine Papers hasn’t displayed the quality of work that we were expecting. You would expect them to finely edit papers to make them perfect, but in fact they’re sent back still full of mistakes. This isn’t the service you want if you need editing done well.

Overall rating: 11/25

8 thoughts on “Review: Fine Papers

  • I’ve been scammed by this fake company too out of £156! They kept in touch ’til they got the money – now nothing! Cant get hold of them at all either over the phone or email and nothing to show for my money. Wish I’d seen the comments here but looked on Trust Pilot first. Big mistake!! Steer well clear!

  • Exactly same thing happening right now with me that all of you said, everything same to same happening, right now.
    I am with my banks on the call at this moment while typing for taking the dispute back as these people are threatening me now. Oh man, i wish i read these comments before.

  • lucky me it was not that much money, but still I got scammed by these human excrement. The dude was gentle and attentive until the moment I made the payment, then started threatening me over whatsapp and sending me very bad messages about taking credig for having scammed me, unfortunately this is probably some scammers nowhere to be found.

  • these people are the worst
    these people are the worst, he simply vanished, took my money and is nowhere to be found.

    the guy on the whatsapp is noe ignoring me and is not picking up the phone… and all I wanted was to get my assignment ready. now I have failed and will need to start from the top because of these people…
    I only whish I had seen this reviews before…

  • oh boy, I should have read these comments before I did any deal with these disgraceful people. Firstly they have asured me that it would be done, then they do not do what they are suposed to, and lastly, they are holding my money that I had paid upfront and already told they were not going to give me back.

    this is not at all a serios company!!! please be aware that, most probably they are going to get your money and ditch you. These are delinquents, scammers, disgraceful people. Please do your research and check before you do any business, and stay away from these degenerates!

  • these people are scammers! never delivered what I have ordered, stole my money and they are not refunding it! really careful on doing anything with these scumbags

  • so, yesterday, Daniel started threatening me about not sending back my money if I didn’t erase all the reviews I have placed. Apparently, my reviews got their attention. So firstly they are not refunding me, and now they are holding my money on purpose…. really a bunch of scammers!!!
    do not do any businesses with them otherwise, they are going to keep your money!!!

  • scammers! you better watch out! they took my money for a job, never did what they have told me, I missed my deadline with my university and had some problems with my teacher. On top, they are keeping my money, not processing a refund and stalling for almost a month about transferring back my money. lame excuse after lame excuse and the situation is never solved. Watch our this Daniel guy, he pretends to be there for you, and ever since I filled for the refund he is ghosting me and not replying to my messages anymore

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