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The pricing is way too high, and you can find much better elsewhere
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From what we’ve seen, we wouldn’t recommend Expert Writers to you as a writing service. The quality of essays they produce is well below what you should expect of them. As well as this, the pricing is way too high, and you can find much better elsewhere, for much cheaper. Keep reading reviews and find a service that you can trust with your grades.

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Every now and then you’re going to need help with your essays, as your workload increases. When you feel overloaded, that’s where a writing service can step in. say they can help you when it gets too much. Should you use their services? Read on to find out.


At time of writing, there are just under 50 writers working with Expert Writers, 15 of whom are from the UK. 18 have Master’s degrees and 4 have PhDs. This is quite a small amount of writers, and an even smaller amount of UK based writers. Can their non UK based writers write in the level of English that you need from them? It’s not clear, and this is something you should consider before ordering.
Rating: 3/5

Company trust

When you’re considering a service, you need to check if they’re trustworthy. That means that you’ll need to comb their site, looking for clues as to their trustworthiness. We looked at the ExpertWriters site, and we didn’t see anything that told us they’re a legit company. For example, we didn’t see a listing for their physical address, which is a serious warning sign. It’s worth getting into the habit of checking this yourself when considering a service.
Rating: 3/5


No matter who you order from, you need to know that they’re offering you high quality writing. Your grades are depending on it, so you can’t take second best. Can this service give you what you need?
We looked at samples and reviews from past customers, and we weren’t impressed with what we saw. Customers had received essays that were full of errors, especially grammatical mistakes. This could be due to writers who weren’t writing in their first language. No matter the cause, this doesn’t look good for the service.
Rating: 4/5

Price price

Prices will always vary, depending on what you’re ordering. As an example though, let’s take a 2 page undergraduate essay, to be delivered within 10 days. With this service, it will cost £106 GBP. There’s no additional services or discounts available. This is a huge sum, especially when compared to other writing services.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

There’s a customer service team on call to help you, whenever you need it. However, many customers have found that the service isn’t actually based in the UK. This meant that communication was them was delayed and often difficult. This is done to make them available 24/7, but it’s not the best method for doing so. This will make things a lot harder if you need help with your order, so keep this in mind if you’re thinking of ordering.
Rating: 3/5


From what we’ve seen, we wouldn’t recommend Expert Writers to you as a writing service. The quality of essays they produce is well below what you should expect of them. As well as this, the pricing is way too high, and you can find much better elsewhere, for much cheaper. Keep reading reviews and find a service that you can trust with your grades.

Overall rating: 15/25

6 thoughts on “Review: Expert Writers

  • I would give negative stars if possible. This site may be the cheapest you will come across but be advised you get what you pay for. The people who run this service are not native English speakers and this is clearly evident in the essays and work you get back. I feel they must be based in India or some were. On the website, you are offered several different levels of academic writing and of course, you pay more for PhD and Masters than undergrad. Also, you can choose the grade or passing mark. I requested a paper recently (Masters level) and the work I got back was NO JOKE something a high school kid could have written. It was seriously diabolical. I contacted the company to have this issue resolved but they simply didn’t want anything else to do once the paper was delivered. The website states 100% Money back guarantee (only if Plagiarism found) and 100% customer satisfaction (well this is clearly not the case. I strongly advise anybody to PROCEED WITH CAUTION

    • Horrible experience I wish I would never place an order and trust the promises they made
      ***they are not native English speakers hence they don’t provide contact number and you’ll know it when you see the paper
      I ordered an essay on this website. And they don’t let customers leave a review on their website, all the reviews are posted by the company itself. Be aware.I’ve never in my life seen such a bad essay,report and dissertation. They don’t even submit draft on time and they mostly refuse for a revision and later ask you for extra charges for revision but I didn’t have time to finish it so I thought an “expert writer ” could help me. making fool to students as they not educated too. It all looked like gossip, they didn’t use the references I sent and copy paste references from the internet and they don’t even know different styles of referencing. U will 100% fail if you will ever submit their work. If you tell them about the bad reviews you’ve read, they will say that it’s their competitor. The worst! I requested my money back , as they advertise it on their website , but they refused. Avoid this website. It’s a scam. Once you contact them and if you don’t place an order they will keep contacting you and they will send promotions. My review is genuine. Better take responsibility and stop scamming people.

  • Horrible experience from a bunch of amateurs.

    I ordered an essay from this company a few weeks back. I requested a masters level assignment and what I got was shocking I actually thought I was sent the wrong paper. My first impression was this was for some kid in high school, not a postgraduate student. I contacted the company for an explanation and I was told I was making a fuss over nothing, yes actually in writing via email I was “making a fuss over another”. Please avoid this company at all costs. I understand they may be cheap but remember you pay for what you get.

  • This website is operating from Pakistan or India and claiming that they are from UK. The owner of this website is ghazanfar, I tried to call on their given number to discuss my dissertation in detail but it keeps me ringing because they are not native speaker to talk and they took £395 for the worse dissertation. They are criminals and making fool to students as they not educated too and after you make the payment they deliver poor report to you which is totally copy paste. I asked them to give me refund they blocked me and not responding me anymore. It’s a scam. my order id is EW41787. My review is genuine. Not how they reported it , that i am a competitor. Better take responsibility and stop scamming people.

  • I wish I had seen this site before using expert writers I paid £216 for the worse essay I’ve ever read in my life! Even the first sentence doesn’t make sense. The writers are clearly not English and they don’t know how to reference. I asked for a postgraduate piece of work to be done and they wrote it like a child’s story, they even talk about Harry Potter in it?!?! They must be joking!

    I asked for a resubmission and they sent back almost the same thing. I asked for a refund and they refused!


  • This website is run by some criminals from India. After you make the payment they deliver a very poor work to you which is all copy and paste from the internet. If you complain they simply blackmail you. KEEP AWAY FROM THEM.

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