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Every student needs a little help every now and then. If you’re having problems getting all of your assignments done, then say they can help. Are their writers up to the task of writing your essay? Read on to find out.


At time of writing, there are currently just under 50 writers working for this service, 9 of whom are from the UK. You need a writer who can handle your essay, no matter what. At time of writing, there are just under 75 writers working with this company, 15 of whom are from the UK. 36 have Masters degrees, and 18 have PhDs. We were very surprised to see just how few of them are actually from the UK. UK students have to meet certain requirements in their essays, as you well know. Can a non UK based writer really understand that?
Rating: 3/5

Company trust

When looking for a writing service, you need one that will respect your right to privacy. Most services will offer a privacy guarantee on their website, so you know where you stand. We’ve looked on the Expert Writers site, and there doesn’t appear to be such a guarantee at all. Students should treat this as a red flag, and possibly look for other writing services elsewhere.
Rating: 3/5


Many students feel this is the most important factor in choosing a writing service, and for good reason. A good writer will give you an essay you can use and get good grades with. We’ve looked at samples from this service, as well as past customer reviews, to see what they had to say.
Customers haven’t been happy with what they’ve got from this service. The writers haven’t been able to go along with the required citation styles, amongst other problems. That means that students are paying out for essays that aren’t fir for purpose. It can be frustrating to pay and get an essay you can’t use in class.
Rating: 3/5

Price price

Pricing will be different, as every essay is different. As an example, a 2 page undergraduate essay, delivered within 10 days, will cost $20 USD. You can get a discount on that price of 15% if you’re a new customer. There’s additional services too, including a top rated expert for $5.39, high priority for $9.99, and SMS alerts for $3.99. The pricing looks good, but it really does reflect the quality of the essay you’re getting.
Rating: 3/5

Customer service

There’s a customer service team available to talk to if you need help with your essay. However, some customers are reporting problems with it. The biggest issue is the refund policy, which is much stricter than it appears. This is causing problems for students later down the line, as they thought they would get their money back.
Rating: 3/5


Overall, we can’t recommend to you as an essay writing service. The lack of a privacy guarantee is the first warning that they’re not on the level. The quality of the writing confirms that students should steer clear. Do more research, and find a writing service that’s well reviewed.

Overall rating: 15/25

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