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Essay Vikings say they’re the best service to use if you need an essay, fast. When there are so many writing sites out there, though, you’ve got to be wary. So many of them turn out to be scams that you just can’t blindly trust any site you see. Can Essay Vikings really give you what you need? This review has the answer.


EssayVikings say they only hire the best writers for their service. Right now, there are just under 100 writers on staff, 13 of whom are from the UK. 39 have Masters Degrees, and 9 have PhDs. That’s a small percentage of writers from the UK for a UK based service. Can their writers really cope with the needs of British students?
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

We checked the site, and were pleased to see that there was a physical address listed for this company. Why is this important? If you’re looking for a trustworthy company, this is a good indicator. It shows that the company is legit, and are more likely to actually provide you with the service they’re offering. It’s a good way to check out any site you’re thinking of using.
Rating: 2/5

Quality say that their writers are second to none. The best way to check their claims though is to look at their past reviews. After reading many of them, we can see that their customers haven’t been all too impressed with the writing on offer. There appears to be a lot of resales of older essays, which is a worry when they offer ‘100% original writing’. We wonder whether their writers can actually keep up with demand. Either way, that doesn’t look good for them.
Rating: 3/5


essayvikings price

The average order with writing companies is a 2 page undergraduate essay, to be written within 10 days. With Essay Vikings, you’ll be looking at paying £36.46 GBP. You can buy some additional services too, including best writer for £8.09, 1 page abstract for £18.23, VIP support for £10.52, and progressive delivery for £7.28. The price is a little high for our liking, especially as there’s so many additional services that we feel should be part of the main order.
Rating: 3/5

Customer service

There’s a customer service team ready and waiting if you need help with your order. They’re contactable through the website or via their free phone line. We’ve heard from past customers though that they can be unhelpful. The biggest issue is with the refund policy, which isn’t as straightforward as it’s made out to be. If you need a refund, you could be out of luck.
Rating: 2/5


We can’t recommend Essay Vikings as a writing service, as we weren’t impressed with the work they did for other customers. The writing is poor, the price too high, and customer service leaves a lot to be desired. If you’re looking for a good writing service you can rely on, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Overall rating: 12/25

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