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You won't get the best possible grades by Essaytation
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Essaytation looks like a good, professional writing service in UK. While they do offer a safe ordering service, the essays they put are less than ideal. You won’t get the best possible grades by using this service.

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Looking for the right people to handle your essay, when you can’t? Whatever you need written, you need to have the best writers possible. offer high quality writing, whether you need an essay, dissertation, thesis or more. Are they the best people for the job?


The hope is this service have highly qualified writers, who will be able to give you what you need in an essay. Currently, there are just under 50 writers on staff here, with 7 of them being located in the UK. Of this number, 14 have Masters degrees and 4 have PhDs. As the service offers higher level writing, such as thesis writing, it’s surprising to see so few of their writers have the higher-level degrees. One would hope they could offer a higher level of writing, but is that going to be possible here?
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

Take a look at the Essaytation site, and you’ll see they take your privacy seriously. They point out they never disclose your information to third parties, and that they adhere to the Data Protection Act. They also point out that they have a heavily encrypted database, so all your data should be safe with them. With so many sites happily selling on your data, it’s good to see that you won’t have any data leaked or sold on here.
Rating: 3/5


Any writing service you’re considering using needs to be able to turn out high quality writing, every time you use them. This service looks very professional, but you can’t trust them for sure until you’ve seen the work they’ve done. What does their writing look like?
You’ll see that there’s a problem with the way essays are proofread here. It appears that they’re given a quick once over before they’re handed to the customer, but that’s it. This leaves a lot of pieces with lots of basic errors that would be caught during a more extensive proofreading process.
Rating: 2/5

Price discount

How much will your essay cost with this service? It’s not easy to find out, as there’s no price calculator on the site when you go on. If you want to get a quote, you’ll need to talk to the team first. If you’re a first-time customer, we can tell you there’s a 20% discount on that first order. If you’re looking for any extra services though, you won’t find them here.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

Want to talk to the team here before ordering? Have a question about the order you put in? You can contact them around the clock, and get the answers you need. One thing they often can’t help with is refunds, though. With a stricter than advertised refund policy, you may not be able to get money back on a less than satisfactory essay.
Rating: 3/5


Essaytation looks like a good, professional writing service in UK. While they do offer a safe ordering service, the essays they put are less than ideal. You won’t get the best possible grades by using this service.

Overall rating: 12/25

15 thoughts on “Review: Essaytation

  • I have paid a lot of money for 2 assignments with Essaytation, more than what l have paid for the actual course. I failed with 19/40. Now l have to pay 560 euro to re-take the course and l didn’t hear anything from them after my complains. Definitely don’t trust Ted from Essaytation or anyone he puts to look after your assignment. I lost 1 ground for nothing.

  • Jasper Nordin from Essaytation requested me to pay in advance for the booking of assignments which I did. I only got one assignment after which I stopped at one assignment and did not wish to proceed. I found the quality of work delivered was not to my satisfaction and requested a refund. Until now my money has not been returned yet, they gave me so many excuses. I am really not happy with the service provided. Please stay away from this website to avoid losing your money. Scammer!!!

  • Complete scammers…wrote poor assignment report. very funny report. I asked for a correction and pointed very carefully to the assignment briefing points. Then asked for money to correct it. I had to give. Then after chasing them for long they sent the same report shamelessly. Indian scammers. robbed my 200 pounds.

  • This website itself belongs a big scammer in UK from India and they scam people here and the most of their reviews are mostly fake and by themself.

  • Scammers! Their ‘expert’ failed a basic level test and refused to refund me. They still from me 170£. SCAMMERS. Totally cheap persons. God see everything and they will find their ‘expert soon or later!!! AVOID

    Gave me an assignment which failed cannot even describe how bad it was – had constant errors, punctuation and information was not used correctly at all. Experts? They do not understand the meaning. May seem genuine but then threatened to share my details with my university (aka a third party in this situation) which would be a breach of confidentiality and data protection law. You also have consumer rights.

  • Never trust this company.
    They are fraudsters in all levels.
    Literally gave the same report to 2 parties.

  • Essay Station is a biggest fraud company. Please beware they take money in advance and then stop picking your calls. They are scammers of first grade. They do not give you any essays , dissertations and just ask you for advance. Once you pay there is no way you can get back to them. Please beware.

    • Do you study in England, I want to order some essays off them but I’m weary after reading some negative reviews. The lady im communicating with seems nice. But I’m worried about the quality of work they produce.

    • Omg hi, I just made a deal with them. But was cautious. Could you explain more about it please. Should I have not trusted them

    • Hi Khalid,

      Please note the difference between and

      I have done many assignments with and they delivered quality work.

      Essaystation is a legit website.

      Essaytation isn’t

      Also please note the difference fraud one is tation while the legit one is station

  • i request this company to help me during online exam and 150$ and they promise me to assign an expert to help and their expert was really bad even i didn’t pass my quiz…save your money and look for someone else…DONT DEAL WITH THEM TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!!!

  • Usually i don’t write reviews good or bad. But this was the last boiling point. Had 3 works to be done, all of them was incorrect or lowest passing mark. Work is unprofessional and consists of plagiarism. One of the works was due that date and the essaytation replied with: my assigned expert has disappeared. WHAT??? how is that professional company? Im very dissapointed.

  • Worse company ever. The work is not even near PhD level. Failed exam and assignment both times. I would not trust this website if I were you.

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