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There’s so many essay writing services out there, how do you know which one to choose? Can any of them really meet your needs as a student? say that they can handle your essays, no matter how soon you need them. Here’s everything you need to know about them before you order.


Right now, there are just under 50 writers working for Essays Writing Service, 6 of whom are from the UK. 13 have Masters Degrees, and 4 have PhDs. We’re concerned both by how few writers they actually have, and the small number of writers with higher degrees. Can they really handle your essays and write them to a high standard?
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

It’s interesting to note that this service don’t list their physical address anywhere on their website. This is because sites that do tend to be more honest with their customers, and let them know exactly how they’ll use their personal data. As this isn’t the case here, it’ll pay to be wary. Your personal data is precious, so be careful with who you’re giving it out to. There’s many academic writing sites that won’t treat that data with respect.
Rating: 1/5


Now, you’re here because you want to know if EssaysWritingService can be trusted with writing you a good quality essay. We looked into many past customer reviews, to see what they were saying about them. What we saw wasn’t good. Many commented that their essays had clearly been rushed, and as such hadn’t been proofread before they were sent out. As well as this, some cases of plagiarism were noted, too. These are all very serious concerns. If you’re looking for good quality writing, you may well have to look elsewhere.
Rating: 1/5

Price price

What you pay for your essay will depend on what you need from the writers. As an example, if you order a 2:1 undergraduate level essay, that’s 2 pages long and delivered in 10 days, you’ll pay £33.98 GBP. Be aware there’s no discounts available on this price. There are additional services you can buy, including a plagiarism report that cost £6 per 5000 words. This price is rather average, but remember you can better for cheaper elsewhere.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

There’s a customer service team that can help you with your orders, 24/7. Be aware though that there’s a good amount of customers unhappy with the service they’ve received. Many say that the refund policy isn’t as clear as it should be, leading to issues. In fact, many customers have been left without their money as they were lead to believe they’d be entitled to refunds when they weren’t.
Rating: 2/5


Essays Writing Service isn’t one of the best writing services out there, not by a long shot. The biggest problem is the level of writing on offer. It’s nowhere near good enough for students today, and you can get much better elsewhere. We’d recommend that you don’t use this site for your writing needs.

Overall rating: 8/25

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