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There’s a lot of essay writing services to choose from, so how can you know which one to pick? say they’re the best service to go with, thanks to the quality of the essays they produce. Should you go with them for your essay?


Right now, there are just under 50 writers working for CourseworkSquare, 6 of whom are from the UK. 11 have Masters Degrees and 2 have PhDs. This is a small number of writers to have overall. When demand is high, such as at the end of a semester, can you get an essay from them in time?
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

Whoever you order from, you need to know that they’ll treat your personal data with respect. That means that they’ll be open and honest with how they use your data. This service doesn’t have any information on what they do with your information, so this should be enough to make you wary of them. As well as this, there’s no indication of their physical address online, too, which is another red flag. Be very careful if you’re dealing with this company.
Rating: 1/5


This is possibly the most important part of the review for students. Can this service write an essay you can be proud to use? We looked at what past reviews are saying about them, and it wasn’t good. Apparently, there’s a lot of essays being sent out that have very clearly been written for other students first. When the company are saying that they’re only writing original work, that looks bad. When the writing is original, it’s not the best quality by a long shot. It’s not encouraging.
Rating: 1/5


courseworksquare price

Essay writing prices always vary, as every order is unique. However, an example 2:1 undergraduate essay, to be written within 10 days, should cost you £33.98 GBP. You can get a discount of 50% right now if you’re a new customer. There are additional services available, such as a plagiarism report that’s £6 per 5000 words. This price is fairly standard for writing services, but be aware that you can get better for cheaper elsewhere online.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

If you need help with your order, there’s a customer service team available 24/7 to assist you. When looking at past reviews, we saw that there are a few issues with the service. The biggest issue is the refund policy. It’s not as clear as it should be which means that many students have found themselves without their cash when they thought they were due a refund. Be aware of this if you’re thinking of ordering.
Rating: 1/5


We can’t recommend Coursework Square to you as an essay writing service, as what they’re able to send out just isn’t up to the standard you should demand. It looks as though you’d be lucky to get original writing, and if you did, it wouldn’t be good enough to use. Instead, look around for another, better writing service. You should get the best your money can buy.

Overall rating: 7/25

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