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The essays themselves are full of other people's work, and they charge extra for services that should be standard.
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British Essay Writers aren’t up to par when it comes to essay writing. The essays themselves are full of other people’s work, and they charge extra for services that should be standard. As this is the case, you’re much better off looking top services chart for your essay.

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There’re plenty of students out there who need help getting their essays written every now and then. There’s lots of choice out there, so why should they choose British Essay Writers? They say they’re one of the best, but is that really true? This review will investigate.


Dedicated essay writers are hired by, to make sure you get the most out of your essays. At the time of writing, they have just under 50 writers on board, 11 of whom are from the UK. 14 have a Master’s degree, and 3 have a PhD. With so few writers, it’s no wonder that they experience backlogs when the end of the semester comes around. If you need an essay in a hurry, then you’re not going to get it here.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

If you look at British Essay Writer’s contact page, you’ll find that there’s no physical address listed for them. That’s a red flag, as it shows that they don’t want customers to know where they are. Legit businesses always list their official address, as a show of trust. As essay writing is a confidential service, this is enough to warn potential customers off.
Rating: 1/5


The most important thing any student needs to ask is, are the essays they produce any good? Sadly not, in the case of British Essay Writers. Having spoken to many past customers, a pattern of plagiarism and resold essays has been emerging. Students have found that their essays weren’t up to scratch, as portions were lifted from other writers, or other students’ essays were given to them. That’s not acceptable when you’re paying out for a bespoke service.
Rating: 2/5



To get an idea of pricing, here’s the cost of an average sample essay. A 500 word, two page essay, written to 2:1 standard within 210 days, would cost £33.98. This is higher than other services, but you can gain a 20% off discount if you’re a first time buyer. You can also buy a plagiarism report for an extra £6. The cost for this isn’t too high, but plagiarism reports are something that should be standard in all essays. Many other companies offer them for free, so you may be better off going elsewhere.
Rating: 3/5

Customer Service

If you need help with your essay, it’s not easy to get it. There’re customer service contacts for both potential and current customers, but finding someone who can help you is harder than it looks. The company offers a money back refund if you’re not happy with your essay, but their rules on the policy are stricter than most. That can make it hard to get your money back if you need it.
Rating: 2/5


British Essay Writers aren’t up to par when it comes to essay writing. The essays themselves are full of other people’s work, and they charge extra for services that should be standard. As this is the case, you’re much better off looking elsewhere for your essay.

Overall rating: 10/25

37 thoughts on “Review: British Essay Writers

  • British Essay Writers its a scam!
    Do not pay!
    Work they provide was scored lower than my work done overnight without any revising.
    They will promise you refund and after you won’t hear from them.

    If you in similar situation and want to join lawsiut contact me

    I ordered 4 essays from them and literally got 5/100 for one of the essays and the highest mark I got on the other essays were about 20/100. I failed my subjects they didnt follow the notes and guidelines I sent them. When I got my essays back the examiners literally wrote ‘worst coursework ever seen’. It was soo embarrassing I failed the course and had to retake my whole year! When I contacted them they asked me to send them proof of the courseworks and when I did they said they will refund me. I never got a refund and eventually I got a health problem and had to undergo emergency surgery. I contacted them a few weeks back asking what happened they said that they don’t refund past 30days of the coursework delivery, which is unrealistic because your work would never get marked by your university within 30 days. So they refused to give the money back.
    I lost about £500+ to these people so please guys DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE!!!!

  • This website is total scam and they have worst writers I have ever experienced. Failed my coursework once then rewrited and barely gain pass mark. I paid for A level marking!! Don’t speak with their man incharge Sheldon he is total degenerate and swindler. Tried to refund they keep saying you passed with low mark but still passed. (total Scams). Never use this website!

  • Scammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Scammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Scammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Scammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Avoid at all costs! Avoid at all costs! Avoid at all costs!
    Do not believe the positive reviews written by random weirdos on sitejabber. Those are FAKE reviews (any positive review).
    They are a bunch of losers from Pakistan trying to cheat innocent students. Do NO give them any tasks and fight them till you get your money back. Approach the police etc.
    They are scum of society!

  • scammmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    complain against them
    they are a bunch of losers and they think they can get rich through this scam
    All of them are from PAKISTAN-the rogue state
    dishonest, liars, cheats and creeeeeeeps

  • complain to the police, action fraud, trading standards and sue them. Their work (garbage is a better term to use) probably was written by someone who managed to pass third grade with a lot of difficulty. failed failed failed again and gave up…
    They have no clue about grammar and are scum from Pakistan ripping vulnerable students and causing a lot of stress and distress. Let´s sue them for emotional damage and get them shut down.
    rude and aggressive losers.
    There are so many false names they use but it is easy to make out that an asian is talking at the other end.
    Get rich quick policy.

  • This company is a SCAM!! Their work has ZERO quality, they promise the earth and deliver complete and utter rubbish. AVOID!!!!

  • Worst people to deal with. All the comments written above seem to be true.
    Their writing wont get a Z grade.

    Spoke to 2 people regarding refund, Peter & Jordan. They made fun of me on line & now wont reply back to my mails. Have recorded the conversation.
    Planning on taking them to the authorities.

  • WARNING – Fraudsters from PAKISTAN ripping people off!
    Such a pity that stars are not replaced by ZEROES! One integer that describes this company.
    1. Stay away from this company! Payments are made to Rostrum Global run by 2 Pakistanis. You will never ever get your money back.
    2. All essays are written by illiterates (somewhere in the alleys of Pakistan).
    3. Read the reviews before placing an order. Many people have been duped by these scumbags who have no clue of what education is all about.
    4. They use several aliases -Hannah, Jordan, Jason, Ciara Mills, Richard, Mac, Jessica Beckett, Joe Brown etc I guess they suffer from some kind of inferiority complex about their ethnicities.
    5. Their name should never ever be British Essay writers. This is totally misleading. It should be Pakistani essay writers. Caliber- Subpar!
    6. Trading standards has been made aware of their company policies. They don´t follow them at all.
    7. Their refund policies are more suitable for their country of origin- Pakistan!
    8. Report to the Police, Action Fraud and consumer organisations and don´t allow them to rip you.
    9. They are unscrupulous and rude and can neither speak English correctly nor write it.
    10. How they are operating in the UK beats me!
    11. Two names behind this company- HAIDER, Anwaar and MUJTABA, Syed Moez
    12. Avoid these low lives! Chat for a few seconds and you will understand their caliber and modus operandi.
    13. If by mistake you do use them and express dissatisfaction with their services then this is what they do- Pretend to revise the work despite no written instructions to this effect. This is done merely to claim 50% of the money paid.
    14. You can submit proofs to them about the disgusting work they produce, but they will ignore you.
    15. Their intention is to pocket your money. Nothing else!
    16. They also have another website-
    The same scam running on this site too.
    A scam and the fraudsters involved proudly claim that the internet is a free world. I have their chat transcripts to prove this!
    Shameless thugs!

  • Listen guys. This is the real deal here. I had a project to submit on the 10th August. I ordered my essay about 9 days in advance. On the 10th aug, the night of submission I kept asking them for my essay. I got my essay from them around 11pm. One hour remaining before deadline closes. The essay was a total mess. The English was poor and everything about it was wrong. The writer paid no attention to the notes and guidelines I attached. It was a pathetic attempt. I had to eventually try and do over my 3000 word essay but I missed my deadline. Hear my words, NEVER,NEVER trust this company. You’re better off doing the work for yourself and get a low grade as opposed to paying big money and probably failing. Im a normal student and not working for the competitor as they would make you believe.. Stay away from them.. For the sake of your pocket , stay away from them.

  • They are a fraud. The quality of their work is the shittest piece of work, charging hell lot money and convincing for the premium quality with with exteavagant prices and false promises of great work. I paid too much for the coursework to be done and it failed me. They just play around with the customer’s belive in them. And when you ask for the money back, they literally slam you with lame reasons of not refunding the money back. There staff is illiterate and have no courtesy to speak to the clients. They made me beg for my word and bullied to accept it after the deadline. I had to please them.

  • I didn’t know about this site before I unfortunately fell down the trap. I have now opened a Paypal case against them, if anyone has gone through the same process I would be very grateful to hear from you. If anyone knows of a way to get this message out there then I would be completely on board – they need to be shut down.

    • Angela, I have just been through a long fight to get my money back. PayPal will always side with them because it’s a custom order they will tell you to get in contact with your bank to file a chargeback. Your bank will tell you PayPal had to deal with it but this is because most likely the person you are dealing with is not experienced. If you call your bank enough times you will finally speak to somebody that will process the chargeback that will take 6 weeks. Tell them you have been scammed and PayPal won’t help. Good luck!

    • They are scamming me too I paid 314 .18 and giving me false hope for a refund I’ve now opened a PayPal case I’m a single mum to three and really need my money back . The essay was poor and written in broken English . I wrote it myself in the end it was so bad to use it total scam

  • The writers are useless who don’t have minimum knowledge on how to write a dissertation paper. I think they don’t even know what is dissertation and how to write it. The work which they have submitted is equal to an empty paper. They took 8 MONTHS to just say that your refund is disapproved which is supposed to be done in one month. They are cheaters. Trust me don’t prefer British essay writers.

    Tip for consumers: Giving 1 star is also a waste. They are not even worth of 1 star. Just go through all the reviews and you will get it how worst they are.

  • Absolute SCAM of a company. I failed the assignments, I paid £480 and I got nothing. Broken English righting grammar everything shocking, abusive and threatening towards me DO NOT USE. I am now trying to take them to a small claims court for false advertising and to try to get my money back. There should be laws about companies like this.

    • Hello I wrote the review above and want to do something similar to stop the business. If you payed on PayPal open a case against them BUT DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR FAKE OFFER OF A REFUND IF YOU CLOSE THE CASE. If you payed by card ask for a charge back.

  • DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!! Having been given the run around over a refund they eventually turned round and refused it. Really really poor customer service. They then got angry over the fact I wanted my money back DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE. They are a scam. Having had a little look on compay house it appears that the Business operates out of someone’s house. DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES THEY TELL YOU ABOUT BEING A PROPER BUSINESS!!!.

  • This British Essay writer is a total waste of time and money. total scam!!! The customer service is one of the worst by far, just wanna warn anyone who is considering their service.

  • garbage writing services. I got 30/100 on my essay and the teacher even say is this essay written by a year 6 student?

  • British Essay writers total scam, I made an order with them and they took my money an I failed on my subject.
    I contacted them to make them aware ideas given the run around in regards to reciving a refund.

  • DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. this service is so bad. the paper was very bad, I have no idea where the writer was from but the paper was written in another language them translated to English with google translate. Do not believe anything they say to you because it is most likely a lie. not only was the paper late it was absolutely awful and they are refusing to refund my £580….

  • Total scam. They said they were unable to provide a service just three days before my deadline and then they said to process the refund. it was a month ago already. They keep delaying the date without acceptable reasons. They are TOTAL SCAM. They steal your money even without providing the service. The guy named Alex who is in the financial department is a total liar. He makes excuses not to give your money back. Watch out!

    • I have been scammed in a similar way to this when buying something on ebay. If you payed via PayPal get in touch with them and open a case against them.

  • Do not go for them ever. They are a bunch of Pakistanis or Indians who just fake the accent and are fraudsters who can’t live by their own word when it comes to the refund. Especially that guy who calls himself by the name Dan. They would charge you very high prices and all their writers are the same be it for the first class or economy class. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THEM EVER. Total scam.

  • I ordered 2 essays from them and paid £380++ and I failed my subject. They refused my refund request and won’t reply any further messages from me. TOTAL SCAM !!!

  • Ordered 3 essays from them. Paid £240.
    Essays were not even GCSE standard. Very poor English. No you to date references
    Dud not meet revision deadline
    Will now not answer my emails
    Only used them as was desperate 😬😬

  • TOTAL SCAM !!! take your money. provide assignments a year 6 could write better ! then refuse refund even when fail!

  • Do not hire Total fraud and takes your money. Even the writers hired copy assignment online from other writers. Disgusting

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