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Need help with your essay? say they can help you by taking some of the work off your hands. Are they good at what they do? Read this review to find out.


At time of writing, there are just under 50 writers working for this service, 7 of whom are from the UK. There are 10 writers with Masters degrees, and 4 with PhDs. We’re concerned with how few of the writers are from the UK, when the service is touted as UK based. Can a non UK native really give a British student what they need in terms of a good essay?
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

When picking a writing service, you should look for trust signals on their website. You want to see that they’re a professional, trustworthy site that will respect your privacy. For example, a listing of their physical address shows that they may be a legit service. British Editing do list their address, but there’s no other real signs that you can trust them with your details. Be aware of this before you think of ordering, as your privacy is important.
Rating: 2/5


No matter who you order from, you need to know that they can offer you a high quality essay for your money. Can the writers here do this? We’ve looked at reviews from past customers, to see if they approve of the services here.
From what we saw, they weren’t impressed at all. There were multiple problems with essays, such as pieces not being proofread and bad grammar being prevalent. It seems the issue was that writers who didn’t have English as a first language were struggling with the orders they got, meaning customers were given essays that just weren’t fit for purpose.
Rating: 2/5

Price price

Pricing will be different, depending on what you need. As an example, let’s take a 2:1 level, 2 page essay, that’s due within 10 days. With this service, this will cost you £27.98 GBP. This price is about the average you should expect to pay with other writing services. However, there’s no additional services available, and no discounts for first time customers. As such, it doesn’t give you a lot of reasons to go with this service.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

If you need help with your order, there’s a customer service team you can contact through several channels. They can handle a lot of different issues, but customers have said that they aren’t based in the UK. This makes communication difficult with them. When you’re on a deadline and need help quickly, this isn’t going to make anything easier.
Rating: 2/5


BritishEditing aren’t a service that we would recommend to students in the UK. The problem is that despite the name, many of their staff aren’t based in the UK at all. This makes the writing poor and the service slower than needed. Because of this, we’d recommend that you’d look for another writing service, that can help you get the grades you need.

Overall rating: 10/25

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