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The writing they offer is well below the standard you should expect.
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We can’t recommend BristishAssignmentWriters, as we’re not impressed with what we’ve seen of them. The writing they offer is well below the standard you should expect, and their behind the scenes staff don’t seem to be much better. You’ll be better off finding a well reviewed service, and spending your money on a good essay instead.

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It’s important to have a service you can rely on to help with your essays, when you don’t have the time to handle them yourself. Can help you, or should they be avoided like so many other services? This review has everything that you need to know.


Right now, British Assignment Writers has just under 50 writers working with then, 6 of whom are from the UK. 11 have Masters Degrees, and 2 have PhDs. For a company that sells itself on being British, we’re surprised to see that so few of the writers are actually based in the UK. This means that if you order from this service, you’re more likely to get a writer who’s actually a non native English speaker.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

If you want to know if a site can be trusted with your personal information, a good way to do so is to see if they list their physical address. If they do list it, it shows that they care about open and honest with their customers. This service doesn’t list theirs, so this should be a red flag to you. Can you really trust them not to sell your information on or use it for other means?
Rating: 2/5


Now, you need to know whether this writing service can really give you what you need in terms of your essay. Is the writing as good as promised? Having looked at past reviews, it appears that this isn’t the case. The essays that past customers got were nowhere near the quality promised online. Most suffered thanks to the fact their writer wasn’t a native English speaker, or didn’t understand the subject. In fact, many customers found sections of their essay to be plagiarised.
Rating: 2/5

Price price

Prices will always differ, but as an example, a 2 page undergraduate level essay, to be delivered within 10 days, will cost £33.98 GBP. You can get a discount of 15% right now if you’re a new customer. You can also buy additional services. These include a plagiarism report which costs £6 per 5000 words. The price is slightly high compared to other services, and the plagiarism report should really be included in the cost of the essay.
Rating: 3/5

Customer service

If you need help with your order, then there’s a customer support team who are ready to help you with it. However, some customers haven’t had much luck with them. Part of the problem is that many of the staff again aren’t native English speakers, making communication difficult. As well as this, the refund policy is not as advertised, which is causing problems.
Rating: 3/5


We can’t recommend BristishAssignmentWriters, as we’re not impressed with what we’ve seen of them. The writing they offer is well below the standard you should expect, and their behind the scenes staff don’t seem to be much better. You’ll be better off finding a well reviewed service, and spending your money on a good essay instead.

Overall rating: 12/25

11 thoughts on “Review: British Assignment Writers

  • I spend over 100£ and I can write better just had no time but I end up writing ✍️ it myself
    Poor grammar
    No sense
    No academic words has been used
    Lake of privilege
    I’m disappointed ☹️ definitely I do not recommend this service.

  • Do not even think about calling them that their service is so bad, their writing is very bad too, the three-quarters of the writing is plagiarism. I called them to revise it and they said the writer is busy and this would take several days to correct it. The worst experience I had ever.

  • They don’t know anything about how to write assignments, they copy and paste. The most important for them to get money. My advice to you don’t use them.

  • Very unprofessional, doesn’t have any knowledge of how to do references. My work was copied from Portuguese language assignment which was translated by google and references were randomly put out the assignment. Now I am trying to contact them to refund my money but they are keep making excuses. I don’t know how I am gona get it. But please everyone never ever use them, you will be in big trouble like me. I got caught for plagiarism and I have no prove to disagree.
    Uneducated writers.

  • I hope my experience can help save someone messing up their future!

    if you are like me who was hesitate LISTEN TO YOUR GUTS ! And read my experience.

    I needed help with my dissertation as I had a baby recently and didn’t want to repeat my final year at uni. I searched up Assignnent writers and British Assignnent writers was one of the first to pop up. I thought great !! Based in the uk easy to reach what more could I ask for. THERE WEBSITE LOOKS VERY PROFESSIONAL! Live chat and everything you would need to reassure yourself it’s was real. As many unlucky individuals I spoke to a lady called Sarah( David as well) on live chat who lead me through the prices and also gave me a discount and she told me a bulk order can give you a better discount which I fell for of course. My dissertation and proposal as well as one other assignment I wanted done was just £660 ??? I should have know something was wrong then but I chose not to overthink it and I decided to make a part payment first rather than the full £660 which was the best decision I made with these fraudsters. Funny thing is I actually saw a few negative feedbacks on this company AFTER I made payment but was hoping they were just unlucky students as this company has been running since ‘2009’ Bloody liars! But no I was Wrong!!

    I was promised a receipt straight after payment and never received this even after calling several times I then got worried and started searching them up only to find out they were professional scammers who actually do give you assignments no doubt but only at a primary school standard. They give your work to people in India and other in Asian countries who can barely speak English to write and when you complain about your work being rubbish or hardly making any sense they pretend like it’s a one off or say they will review it just so you pay them for all their bullshit services.

    Crazy of me I still ignored this and hoped for the best. I called PayPal and told them about this anyways so they left a note on this payment and advised me to contact them if I do not receive their services or if it’s not up to my expectations. I waited and the moment of truth!! I was sent work that started with errors and ending in bullshit, half the work was plagiarised which would have been a serious for me if I actually submitted it and some of the work didn’t make sense! I am sure my little sis Whos 13 could do a better job. I have currently opened an appeal with PayPal who are investigating this payment and I do fear I may not get this money back which hurts so bad as I should have followed my gut felling NOT TO MAKE PAYMENT YET!

    My advise is if you have any work you need help with ask your lecturer and do it yourself because this wasn’t worth it at all.

  • Still waiting for my money back-the refund of £215 and after 10 months of waiting they tell me they don,t colaborate with that bank anymore so that i cannot get the refund back ; just a bad joke , seriously .They are just a bunch of liars and thieves.Never try to use this company because you are gonna be very dissapointed, with your money taken and no work done.

  • Utterly rubbish service. better give your assignment to a nursery kid, they will do it better than them! SERIOUSLY do not waste your money by asking them to do your assignments – no quality of work and they started to ignore my calls when I asked them for changes to the assignment they sent to me.

  • I am really had a very a bad experience which lead me to fail my of of my subject, have been busy with two assignment which they needed to be submitted on the same day, so i as asked for I asked for 2 1. The standard of the essay was really bad. i gave a clear instructions for them they cannot write about a specific airlines. but the writer did write about an airline which he should not write about. so i asked for a revison as my assigmnet needed to be handed on a specific date. what the writer did is changed the words only, when i looked at the assignment it was clear joke. I asked for another revesion and they promised me that they will deliver it befor my submission time, which they didn’t and they started to make an excusses which really don’t make any sense. They just been telling me to not be worried.

  • I am just having a bad experience with them right now, paid for a that has never been done , as their staff was not prepared for the requirements of the assignment-buit before taking my money , they said the assignment can be done, and after i made the payment, they sent an email saying it can be done only half of it; i said i refuse half work being done and i have been asking my refund of £215.94 for the last 5 months and they don,t do it yet. Every time i call them, , they take me from zero level, like they have no records about my details and i have to remind them over and over about my issue .They are just a SCAM , never trust them; they took all those money and i did not receive any work from them -as i refused it befor they even start it, so practically they just took my money and they put me on delaying over and over.

  • Please do not use this service. I was in hospital and had a deadline. I was asked what degree standard I would like assignment to be completed. I asked for 2 1. The standard of the essay was so bad. It was late and the Customer service team were pathetic. They actually laughed on the telephone to me. Extremely rude. Would not give me refund this service is definitely a SCAM don’t waste your time and money.


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