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Are you struggling to get all of your work done right now? Then a writing service can help you get back on track. Is the one you want to use? Read this review to find out everything about them before you place that order.


At time of writing, there are just under 50 writers writing with Brill Assignment, 10 of whom are based in the UK. 16 have Masters Degrees, and 6 have PhDs. We’re concerned with how few of the writers are actually from the UK. That means that this service is relying on non native English speakers to write essays for them, and that can mean a drop in quality that you weren’t expecting.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

No matter who you order with, you need to know that they take your privacy seriously. That means that they won’t sell your details on to anyone else. When you look at the guarantees on this site, there’s a promise that your payment details will be kept safe. However, there’s no word on how they’ll protect your personal data. That should be a red flag to you, so be wary before you think of ordering.
Rating: 2/5


You need to know that you can trust this service to write you an essay that will get you the best grades possible. Can Brill Assignment do this for you? We looked at samples of their work, and reviews from past customers, to see what they had to say. We weren’t too impressed with what we found. The quality of the work we saw was quite with low, with issues such as references not being implemented correctly, or facts not being checked before they were used.
Rating: 1/5

Price price

Prices will always differ, depending on what you order. An example essay would be a 2 page 2:1 level essay, to be delivered within 10 days. With this service, this could cost you £20.49 GBP. There’s a discount of 15% if you’re a new customer, too. There are additional services available, should you need them. These include:

  • VIP Support: £7.62
  • VIP Service Package: £14.62
  • Proofread by editor: £7.62
  • Top 10 writers: £9.31

Rating: 2/5

Customer service

If you need help with your order, there’s a customer service team available to talk to. However, be advised that the refund policy is not as clear as it should be. It’s meant that some customers have thought they were entitled to their money back, but then were left with nothing. It would be inadvisable to rely on this if you order.
Rating: 2/5


We can’t recommend BrillAssignment to you as a writing service, as we weren’t impressed with the writing that they were putting out. When you’re spending your hard earned money, you deserve better. Do your research, and look for a writing service that comes highly recommended. You’ll know that you’re getting your money’s worth and you’ll get the grades that you need with them.

Overall rating: 9/25

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