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If you need help with an essay, say they’re there to help. Can you trust them to write an essay that gets you the grades you need?


There are just under 50 writers working with BookMyEssay, 14 of whom are based in the UK. There are some writers with higher level degrees too. 16 have Masters degrees, and 7 have PhDs. This is a very small pool of writers for you to choose from. We worry that if you pick the best writer they have, they may not be quite the right fit for you and your subject.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

No matter who you’re getting to write your essay, you need to be sure that they can keep your data private. The best way to do that is to look for their privacy policy. This service does have a page for their policy, where they state they are confidential, and don’t sell on their details. You should also look for trust signals, such as a physical address. The address of the company is listed on the website, so you can use them without worry.
Rating: 3/5


Before you place an order with Book My Essay, you’ve got to be sure that they can handle the work you need them to do. We’ve been looking at the essays they have written for others, and the reviews past customers have left. What do they think?
Many have pointed out that their essays weren’t as great as advertised. Many issues were small and niggling, but still caused problems. For example, there were plenty of essays that were full of spelling errors that should have been picked up before delivery. This made the customers’ job harder, as they had to either ask for edits and delay their essay, or correct them themselves.
Rating: 2/5

Price price

Prices with writing services always vary, depending on what you need. We would usually price up an essay to show you what you should expect, but we were unable to do this here. Book My Essay ask you that you get in touch in advance, and get a custom quote on your essay. You can get a 20% discount on your essay if you’re a first-time customer, but there are no additional services available.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

There’s a customer service team on standby, should you ever need them. They’ll help you if you have questions about ordering, or if you have a completed essay that you need assistance with. Apparently they can help, but there are often delays if you’re looking for answers. This is an issue if you’re on a deadline, and need help quickly.
Rating: 2/5


Book My Essay aren’t the best service we’ve seen online. The writing quality was somewhat lacking, and you’re not likely to get a writer that can handle your subject well. You need a service that can get you the grades you need, so you may be better off with a different writing service.

Overall rating: 11/25

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