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If you’re struggling with your assignments, you now have options open to you. One of those is to hire a writing service to help you out. is one such service that you could use. Should you use them, and can they offer good writing? Read on to find out.

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When you need a writer to help you with your essay, you want to know that they really do know your subject inside out. The writers at this service are chosen especially for their subject knowledge, and you’ll be matched up with the writer that suits you the most.

Right now, there are just under 150 writers working for Australian Help, 93 of whom are Australian and 27 are from the UK. 98 have Masters degrees, and 45 have PhDs. We’re please to see so many of their writers are from native English speaking countries, and that so many have higher level degrees. This means you really will get the best writing possible when you order with this service.

Rating: 10/10

Company trust

It’s good to note that AustralianHelp have a detailed privacy policy in place, as it’s so important to students. You don’t want to order from a service only to find that your details have been sold on, or that they’re disclosing your details to others. These things have happened to students in the past, so you want to ensure that the company you’re using isn’t going to do this to you.

Australian Help detail everything you need to know about how they use data. This includes how they collect it, what they use it for, and how they store it. They do specifically state that they won’t sell it on to any third parties. It’s clear that they only collect the data they need to do their jobs, and they’re very transparent about why they collect it.

This is refreshing to see, as more companies should be clear about their data collecting and usage. You can order here and be safe in the knowledge that your private data isn’t going anywhere.

Rating: 10/10

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Before you place an order with any writing service you need to know if they can deliver quality. Any essay you buy needs to be perfect, as you’re looking to get good grades for your money. We wanted to know if this service can do this for you, so we’ve been looking into reviews from previous customers. We’ve also looked into the samples they offer on their website, so we can see what their writing is like.

It’s clear that they offer a lot of different services that you can take advantage of. There’s the academic writing services they offer, such as essays and dissertations. They also offer non-curricular writing services, such as copywriting and CV writing, both which can come in very handy. There’s even editing and proofreading services, if you need help with that.

The quality of the writing we saw was some of the best around. We saw essays that had been properly researched, referenced, and written. Students reported that they used the essays given to them and got the best grades possible. It’s clear that it’s very much worth buying an essay here, as the quality was some of the best that students can ask for.

Rating: 10/10


Pricing will always vary, as essays are different for every customer. To get an idea on pricing, let’s use an example. A senior level research paper, that’s 5 pages long and due in 10 days, will cost $135.68 AUD.

You can also buy additional services, such as a UK writer for 10% extra, and 1 page summary for $27.14. These can help you get extra out of your essay, when you need that little extra boost.

There’s discounts you can take advantage of too. For example, if you’re a first time customer you can get a discount of 15% off your first order. If you’re a recurrent customer, you can take advantage of lifetime discounts. This can top out at a total of 15% off once you order 100 pages or more. If you take advantage of this, you would be able to save quite a substantial amount of money.

The pricing itself is of good value. You can get good quality for a price that’s affordable, and you can get money off that price too.

Rating: 8/10

Customer service

If you need help with your order, you’re in luck. There’s a customer service team that are available 24/7, so you’ll have help whenever you need it the most. They can help you out if you’re thinking of ordering and have questions, or you have a completed order and need help with it. They’re accessible via several different methods, such as phone, web chat and email, so you’ll never find it difficult to get in touch. A rep will get back to you shortly, so you won’t have to wait long. The best part is that customers say all the staff appear to be native English speakers.

There are policies in place to help you understand exactly what Australian Help can and can’t do for you. The revision and refund policies, for example, have very clearly laid out what you can ask for in the event you’re not totally happy with your order. This makes it much easier in the event, as you know what can be done.

It certainly is good to know that if you need some help with your order, you’re in safe hands with this customer service team.

Rating: 8/10


All in all, Australian Help are ready to help with your essays when you can’t, and we recommend them to you. The prices are reasonable and the customer service is great, but the best thing is that the quality of the writing is excellent. You know you can buy an essay from them that will fulfil all your needs, and save you time when you need it the most.

Overall rating: 46/50

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