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The quality of Assignment Master wasn't good enough to get you the grades you need
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We can’t recommend Assignment Master to you as a writing service, as the essays they put out were less than ideal. The quality of them wasn’t good enough to get you the grades you need, so it’s best not to use them if you’re looking for the best results.

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If you want to buy an essay, you want to buy one from the best writer possible. look good, but are they the writing service for you? Read this review for everything you need to know.


Who are the team working with this service? Right now, there are just under 50 writers on this team, 10 of whom are from the UK. There are 18 writers with Masters degrees and 7 with PhDs. That’s a very small number of writers who have higher level degrees, something you want more of from your writing service. Are the rest of the writers as skilled in their writing as the higher-level writers?
Rating: 3/5

Company trust

When choosing a writing service to use, you need to ensure that they’re legit. There are lots of writing services out there that won’t respect your privacy, and will sell on your data if you’re not careful. Is that going to happen here? There is a full privacy policy on the site, which outlines all the data they need to collect and why. This should help you feel more secure ordering with them, as you know that they’re only collecting what is needed.
Rating: 2/5


So, are AssignmentMaster good essay writers? To find out, we’ve been reading samples and talking to customers who have used the service in the past. What did they have to say about the essays that they bought?
It was very clear in our investigations that some writers here aren’t well versed in essay writing. That meant that essays weren’t proofread before they were delivered, they weren’t laid out in the right way, didn’t use the right citation styles, and so on. It was clear that in many cases, the writer wasn’t experienced and this showed through in the work they gave to customers. This is less than acceptable when you’re paying for their writing services.
Rating: 3/5

Price price

The price of your essay will depend on what you need from them. As an example, a 2 page 2:1 level essay, due in 10 days, will cost £25.90 GBP. Unlike other writing services, you won’t be eligible for a discount on your order as a first-time customer. There are also no additional services that you can buy with your essay.
Rating: 3/5

Customer service

You can get in touch with the customer service team if you need help with your essay, or you have questions about ordering. They’re contactable in several ways, including email and live chat on the site. We did hear from customers that it takes a long time to get a reply though, once you contact them. If you’re in a rush, this isn’t going to be ideal.
Rating: 3/5


We can’t recommend Assignment Master to you as a writing service, as the essays they put out were less than ideal. The quality of them wasn’t good enough to get you the grades you need, so it’s best not to use them if you’re looking for the best results.

Overall rating: 14/25

11 thoughts on “Review: Assignment Master

  • Requested an essay because I had more essay to deliver on the same week and I work as well at same time! Not only was I sick and mentioned to them as they took advantage by taking my money keep giving me wrong feedback and stating I’ve updated my deadline ‘ which I’ve never did ! My deadline is Monday and no essay is produced! I can’t believe! This Carol and Austin trying to pretend they’re British and you can obviously hear their accent it’s incredible how these scammers act! 1:30 h for my deadline to be over and no essay has been produced! Only a very much empt bank account and these cunts don’t even have the decency to reply to any of emails , WhatsApp , phone call or chat ! I’m going to report this website for fraud/scam because I don’t want anyone going through the same! Can’t believe they can be this disgusting!

  • Same experience as many here. Assignment paid for and not delivered by the deadine. When it was delivered it did not meet the instructions and was like reading something very vague written by a child – incorrect grammar and over word count and clearly copied and pasted in the middle of paragraphs. I tried to contact their chat, their support email and their phone. They disappear or argue as soon as refund is demanded. PLEASE AVOID IT IS A TOTAL SCAM!!
    Just to confirm, I have contacted the ombudsman on them for fraudulent behaviour. They are praying on under pressure students who make a bad decision due to the pressure and then feel embarrassed to stand up to ourselves. Please don’t fall into the same trap as me…

  • Horrific service. My essay was improving about patient safety in psychiatric secure hospitals. What I got was like a child had written it and about the wrong subject. (data protection and physiotherapy) £308 it cost. No one responds, there is no way to get a refund. I am going to report to the omnibsman and I have contacted the fraud department at my bank to dispute the payment. However the email with the essay attachment has mysteriously disappeared so I now don’t have the proof

  • I gave them 15 days to write my 2000 word essay that I was struggling to write myself as I had three other assignments to work on. So I thought okay, why not just pay for this assignment, it will take some of the stress off me. I contacted them in a week to check how the assignment was doing, as I hadn’t heard from them at all and they said something along the lines of it being in the process. The assignment was due today, and I messaged again a couple hours before the due time about it, they said they would check with the team and then I didn’t get a reply! I’ve now missed the deadline so I don’t even know what to do now. I just wish I checked the reviews before buying from this service, I was honestly just so stressed at the time so I went and ordered from the first site that came up. I spent £88 on this, does anyone know if it is even possible to get the money back 🙁

    • This happens to me too. I emailed, called them, WhatsApp messages, online chatting. I didn’t receive any email back only online chat after waiting 10-15 min on the web chat. WhatsApp messages was answered a day after . Today I suppose to receive my essay, they said the writer had delayed my work and it’s my deadline today , I just wished I check the reviews. I have 2 other essays to submit this week. I am so depressed and stressed and angry at my self for trusting them.
      They said they will refund my money , I doubt it very much . They said 3-4 working days, I will wait and see.
      People please don’t trust them .

  • My deadline date has passed no assignment has been given to me. I have been told they will supply it by 5pm today or I can have store credit! This appears to be a bogus writing service. I am so stressed with nowhere to turn now.

  • Scammer-avoid

    What a waste of money. It is not reliable service. Plagiarised content, purely descriptive essay from a website.
    Refusing to refund money. Not reliable

    • Have you managed to get your money back? They are total scammer. 5hrs and 30 mins past my deadline and I can’t reach them. I contacted the ombudsman on them.

      • Is it possible to get a refund in any way? I just missed the deadline and I can’t even get in touch with them. I tried to contact them earlier and no response. I spent a lot of money on this, wish I read these reviews first.

  • UNFORTUNATELY, there is no ZERO STAR choice.
    They were not delivered the work on time, they are not responding to emails or calls, and after me chasing them for 15 days, they are refusing to give a refund, which is against their policy.
    Tip for consumers: There isn’t a reliable business behind, it seems like a fraud.
    Because no one knows anything and they constantly avoid to give a clear answer,

  • Assignment Master are scammers there are no academics there.
    The quality of the assignments are rubbish, 1 take a huge amount of time to answer once you ask for revision ( days even), 2 don’t offer solutions, 3 they will try and sort by giving you a discounts for your next order, knowing that hasn’t delivered the first order, 4- they will offer your original order a week later plus wrong work or prices thrown together. Especially after you express that the due date has passed.

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