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If you’re struggling with your assignments, a writing service can help take some of the pressure off you. Do you feel as though you need some help? say they can deliver an excellent essay to you. Here’s everything you need to know about them.


Assignment Help On Web say that they only hire the best writers to handle your assignment. Right now, there are just under 50 writers working for them, 6 of whom are from the UK. 11 have Masters Degrees, and 2 have PhDs. We’re concerned with how few writers have higher education degrees, as you’ll need writers who know your subject inside and out. It looks as though you’re unlikely to get that with this service.
Rating: 1/5

Company trust

When you look on this service’s website, they do have a privacy policy where they outline exactly what’s done with your private data. This looks reassuring, but you need to look for other clues. For example, there’s no physical address listed for the company. This can be an indication that the service isn’t as reliable as it says it is. Be wary if you’re thinking of ordering from them.
Rating: 2/5


If you’re spending good money on your assignment, you want to know that you’re getting good quality writing. We’ve taken a look at what AssignmentHelpOnWeb can offer in terms of excellent writing. What we saw wasn’t encouraging. Many past customers have been upset, as the writing they got wasn’t on par with what was offered. It seems the problem was that the writers didn’t have expertise in the student’s subject, meaning that they were poorly researched and written.
Rating: 1/5


assignmenthelponweb price

An example essay, which is a 2 page 2:1 level essay written in 10 days, will cost £41.98 GBP with this service. Right now, you can get a 40% discount on your essay too if you’re a new customer. There are additional services available, such as a plagiarism report that is £6 per 5000 words. This price is rather high, especially if you compare it to other writing services in the UK. The discount helps, but that only works if you’ve never ordered from them before.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

If you need help either before or during the ordering process, there’s a customer service team that are ready to talk to you. Be aware though, that many customers have had issues with them regarding the refund policy. It’s not as clear as it should be, and so many students have been left without their money when they thought they were getting it back. If you are thinking of ordering, don’t rely on the policy if you’re not happy with your essay.
Rating: 2/5


Assignment Help On Web are not the service we’d recommend to you for your essay. The quality of writing leaves a lot to be desired, as does the customer service. Instead, we’d recommend you do your research and find a well regarded service to write that essay.

Overall rating: 8/25

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