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We've certainly seen a lot better writing services than All Assignments Experts
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As a reviewing service, we’ve certainly seen a lot better writing services than All Assignments Experts. The pricing is very low, but they don’t offer the extras others do. More importantly, there’s a lot of issues with the quality of the writing. You’ll find much better services elsewhere, so keep looking and you’ll get better writing.

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As a student, you need a break from writing essays from time to time. say they’ll handle them for you, so can you trust them with your work? This review covers everything you need to know.


Does this services have the writers you need to handle your essay? Right now, there are just under 50 writers working with them, 8 of whom are from the UK. There are 13 writers with Masters degrees, and 6 with PhDs. That’s a very small number of UK writers, and presumably native English speakers, to have on staff. Because of this, you can’t be sure that you’ll get an essay that’s going to up to your standards.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

Any good company that you hire to write your essays should be trustworthy. You need to be sure that they’re not going to sell on your details, and give you exactly what you pay for. On the AllAssignmentsExperts site, you’ll see that they say they have a ‘privacy policy’, but they don’t explicitly state what it is. However, they do state that they will never sell your data on.
Rating: 3/5


No matter who you order from, you need to know that you’ll get an essay that will serve you well from them. Are the writers here good at what they do? We’ve been reading comments from other customers, to see what their experience was like.
From what we’ve seen, it’s clear that you may not get an essay that meets your standards. Several of the writers here were found not to cite their sources correctly, even when the sources were given to them by the customer. This can lead to you losing marks on your essay, so it is a concern.
Rating: 3/5

Price price

What you pay for your essay is dependent on what exactly you need from the service. As an example, a 2 page, 2:1 level essay due in 10 days will cost you £19.66 GBP. Unlike other writing services, you won’t get a discount on your order if you’re a new customer. There’s also no additional services on offer to you if you want them.
Rating: 4/5

Customer service

You’ll have access to a customer support team when you order with this writing service. They can be accessed in several ways, including live chat, email and phone. That’s a lot of choice, but when you do get in contact, you’ll see that you will have to wait a long time in order to get a response. Many customers have reported this, and they said that in some cases they actually missed their deadline while they were waiting to get help with their essay.
Rating: 2/5


As a reviewing service, we’ve certainly seen a lot better writing services than All Assignments Experts. The pricing is very low, but they don’t offer the extras others do. More importantly, there’s a lot of issues with the quality of the writing. You’ll find much better services elsewhere, so keep looking and you’ll get better writing.

Overall rating: 14/25

2 thoughts on “Review: All Assignment Experts

  • Similar experience… They took my money and then they disappeared. They don’t respond on the chat after you pay them and they haven’t delivered anything 3 weeks after the deadline. This website is a SCAM be careful

  • Tl;DR they took my money and kept putting me off. They delivered incomplete work with incorrect calculations. I had a panic attack and had to do everything on my own after all. Everything was late. The End.

    —and now the full version—

    I requested a quote for two Intermediate Accounting assignments and gave them the due dates. Truth? It’s the end of the semester and I’m stretched beyond thin, I was desperate.

    I received an email stating that the price for the first assignment would be $60 and $95 for the second and solutions would be delivered in 24-36 hours.

    My professor asks pretty involved questions so I figured: if it comes with everything that’s necessary and I don’t have a stress about doing it I can focus on my other two classes that need my attention.

    I paid the first part of the deposit ($60) Sunday at 5:37am. When I logged in to ask about the process they said to just pay the other $17.50 and they would give the assignments to an expert. I completed the second portion of the down payment (according to my paypal receipt) at 5:49am. Assignment 1 was due Monday, December 3rd, Assignment 2 is due tonight.

    Monday at 2:43pm I asked when my assignment was going to be delivered.
    Monday at 4:26 received an email saying “Expert is working on assignment. Could you please allow us some more time?”

    I went to their website to chat with customer service. Someone entered the chat and when they saw my question about the assignment: they left.

    Fast forward to 5:02pm I email them that someone entered the chat and left and that I had given the due date in the request for a quote. I sent a second email six minutes later asking for an honest answer as to how much time they needed (thinking I would ask my professor for an extension)
    -5:17pm I get an email from them saying “Expert says we will share solution ASAP”

    I was already in class at that point and didn’t see the email.

    12:20am December 4th. I get home from my study group, see their email from 5:17 and ask when ASAP is and tell them that I need a date because one of the assignments is already overdue. I repeat that I was quoted 24-36 hours and tell them that I already have referrals lined up if they are legit.
    -12:26am they reply: “Hi, We will check with expert. We will get back to you soon.”
    At 1:17am I reply that soon and ASAP are not specific and that I needed the assignments on time. I restate that one of the assignments is late and ask if both assignments will be ready before Wednesday,

    ***Note: I’m writing this review on Wednesday at 2:19pm, so guess how that turned out***

    at 4:31am I get an email from them saying the assignment has been completed and they request that I make the remaining payment.
    -At 4:32 I reply to find out which assignment is complete and what guarantee there was about the correctness of the work then asked if there was a discount for it being late.
    4:45 they say that the second assignment was complete and that the balance was $30. They said that they assure a quality solution and assure multiple revisions if I’m unhappy with the final solution.
    -5:00am I say I don’t have time for multiple revisions and that the other assignment is already late and ask when it will be done.

    at 7:33 and 7:56 I get emails that the assignment is complete and a request to make my payment. [We all know this is beyond sketchy at this point, but I hoped stupidly]
    -8:15 I ask “Both assignments or just the second one?”
    8:30 they reply “Both assignment” (grammatical errors have been rampant but I didn’t really care, I don’t care how well someone orders sentences if I’m asking them to do calculations)

    9:58 I reply “With the discount the balance is $60?” (Because the assignment they said was ready and would cost $30 more initially was the $95 assignment. I thought it was a discount for the tardiness – it wasn’t they wanted the full amount)
    -5:18pm I’m off of work and make the payment. I email asking when I will receive the assignments and then promptly fall asleep because I was up all night the night before studying.

    2:12am I am awake and have checked the work they sent me. The calculations are incorrect and one of the assignments is incomplete. As in: I copied my instructor’s handout into a word doc and sent it to them and they literally did not do the last step in the assignment. I email asking where it is
    -2:35am they email back and ask me to specify which assignment this was regarding.
    2:42am I reply and attach the assignment instructions. I’m freaking out but I can’t do work for two different classes at the same time. I tell them I have another assignment I was going to request a quote on but there isn’t a point if they don’t deliver complete and correct work.
    -2:50am they reply with a form “thank you for your query” type answer and then (below it) is a typed out message apologizing for the inconvenience, an assurance that this won’t happen again in the future, asking me to send them the new assignment (which I haven’t been assigned yet because I have to turn these in first!) “we will provide you best discount” and “we assure you wuality solution”

    8:04am I email and ask when I’m getting what I paid for
    ….no answer.
    12:08pm I email a rundown of the transaction to this point and tell them to do what they promised and provide the service that I paid for…

    It’s currently 2:39pm and my laptop and my phone have both been “in queue” for chat with their customer service (alternating between one and the other) since I sent the 12:08pm email. I noted that I was writing this review. I sent them the link on how people are to report fraudulent websites in the United States… it’s obvious that I’m not going to get the assignments I paid for so I’m going to take my lumps and ask my professor for an extension on the second assignment, take a zero on the first one if I can’t get it done and go about making sure I do my part to post about this everywhere I can.

    I don’t have anything to lose, this is my last semester anyway.

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