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Modern students are always spinning plates, trying to keep on top of all of their deadlines. When you’re so busy, sometimes you need a little extra help. That’s why offer you their writing services, so you can take advantage of them when needed. Are they a company that you should use with your essays? This review has everything you need to know.

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As with all writing services, Academized hire writers with degrees themselves, in all kinds of different subjects. They ensure that they have writers who can tackle different styles of essays, whether you’re looking for help with nursing, law, or history, among others.

At the time of writing, there are just under 150 writers total working with the service. Of this number, 91 are based in the UK. 116 have Masters degrees, and 55 have PhDs. Those are some impressive numbers. We’re especially impressed with the number of writers they have with higher level degrees. Students are often looking for help with their dissertations, and these cases a writer with a more in-depth knowledge of your subject can be a real lifesaver.

Rating: 8/10

Company trust

When you order an essay with any writing service, you do need to be careful about handing out your data. There are plenty of unscrupulous companies out there who would use your data to sell on to third parties. As well as this, you want to know that your order is confidential. Are you sure that your details aren’t being passed on?

The best way to tell is to look for the company’s privacy policy. We found Academized’s policy easily, and it’s very comprehensive. We saw that they run through every instance where they would need to take data from you, and tell you exactly what it’s used for. This can really help set your mind at ease, and know that your data won’t be asked for unless it’s really needed.

They also note that your details are never sold onto others, so your order really is confidential. This means that you can order in confidence.

Rating: 10/10

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Now, you need to know that you can trust this writing service to give you excellent quality essays. When you buy from any service, you expect them to put in 110% effort and give you a piece of writing that’s ready for use right away. Can Academized do this for you? We’ve looked at the samples they offer on their website, as well as reviews from their past customers, to see what they had to say.

From what we saw, past customers were very happy with the essays they received. Many said that the writers were helpful, listening to the customer and creating essays that were just what they needed. It sounds as though the writers really do know their stuff. The samples are excellent too, and you can be sure that your essay will be crafted carefully. There’s no plagiarism or resales noted, something that’s rife with other writing services.

There’s a wide range of services you can buy too, it’s not just essays. As noted earlier, dissertations are available, as are copywriting, editing, proofreading, and CV writing amongst others. If you need help with a writing project, it’s well worth taking a look at Academized as they probably will be able to help you with it.

Rating: 10/10


As with any writing service, prices will vary. Everyone’s essay is different, and so there will be different requirements this service will have to meet. As an example though, let’s take one of the more common orders that students make with writing services. A 3rd-year essay, that’s 1000 words long and due within 5 days, will cost you $75.67 USD. This price includes some free features, such as bibliography, outline, title page, and plagiarism report.

If you’re a first time customer, you can get a discount on that order. You’ll get 15% off when you place that first order. All you need to do is use the code 15OFF at checkout. There are also lifetime discounts you should take advantage of if you’re a returning customer. This starts out at 5% off, and increases to 15% lifetime, depending on how many pages you’ve ordered with them total.

The pricing is very good, especially when you consider the quality of writing you’re getting for your money. The discounts can make it easier to pay too, especially if you’re a returning customer.

Rating: 8/10

Customer service

Like many other writing services, there’s a customer service team available 24/7 to help you with your order. They’re able to chat with you via phone, email, or live web chat, meaning it’s very simple to get in touch. You can chat with them at any point in the ordering process too, from just thinking about ordering to queries about your essay once it’s in your hands.

The guarantees in place mean that you’ll always get the best service. There’s a detailed refund policy, so you know where you stand if you’re not sure your essay is what it should have been. There’s a good revision policy too, so changes can be made if needed. Everything is very clear, so you won’t be in the dark if anything should go wrong.

The staff on the team here are native English speakers, something that many other services aren’t able to offer. You’ll be able to communicate with them easily, so they can help you get an answer to your question with ease. If you get in touch with them, they’ll get back to you promptly, and have been seen to always help out the customer as much as they can.

Rating: 8/10


Overall, we were impressed with what Academized had to offer students. What most impressed us was the quality of the essays. The quality they write is high and consistent, something that some companies struggle to do. The customer service is another highlight too. Native English speakers and a 24/7 service means that you can get help, whenever you need it.

Overall rating: 44/50

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