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There are more writing services out there than ever before. That’s because students are under more pressure than ever before, too. If you need some help writing your essays, there’s plenty of help out there for you. If you’re considering trying UK Custom Essays, read this review first.


There are just under 50 writers on the staff of UK Custom Essays, 10 of which are based in the UK. 11 writers have Masters Degrees, and 3 have PhDs. For a website that claims they’re from the UK right there in the name, there’s only a handful of UK writers on their team. That’s not good if you were looking for a native writer to handle your essay.
Rating: 1/5

Company trust

A good tip for checking out any writing service is to see whether they list their physical address on their website. If they do, they’re a legit company and you’re safe to buy from them. If they don’t though, you should be wary. There’s no guarantee that they’ll perform the service that you’ve actually paid them for. There’s no address on the UK Custom Essays website, so this is a red flag for anyone considering them.
Rating: 2/5


We ordered several essays from this writing service, to see if the quality of their writing was up to the task. What we saw didn’t encourage us to order again. The writing was of low quality, and clearly was in need of being proofread. What was worse, it was clear that many of them had been resold onto us, after having been written for another student. This is something no student should put up with in their writing service of choice.
Rating: 1/5



To order an average essay, you’ll be looking at paying £32.58. This gets you a 2:1 standard, 2 page long essay, delivered within 10 days. There are no discounts available, but there are additional services you can buy. Updates via SMS are £3.99, top writer is £9.78, plagiarism reports are £14.99, and high priority service is £9.99.
These additional services quite frankly should be included as standard. The flat price itself is rather high too, considering that the quality of writing is so poor.
Rating: 1/5

Customer service

The site offers a 100% money back guarantee, designed to protect you if you’re not happy with the piece you’ve been given. We gave this a test, and found that it was much harder than you’d think. The rules are stricter than what’s advertised, so if you want your money back you’re in for a fight.
The customer service in general is rather poor. There are multiple channels in order to talk with them, but it’s very difficult to get in touch with your writer. Not good if there’s something you need to communicate to them.
Rating: 1/5


In conclusion, we recommend you don’t order an essay with UK Custom Essays. The quality is bad, the prices are too high, and the customer service is certainly lacking. Instead, find yourself a better writing service. There’s plenty out there that can help you.

Overall rating: 6/25

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