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Are you thinking about getting help with your dissertation? It’s not surprising, when you have so much already happening in your busy life. Your dissertation is crucial to your final grade though, so you don’t want to take chances. Should you use Pro Dissertation to help you writes yours?


There are writers on staff who are on call to handle your writing, when needed. Right now, Pro Dissertation hires just fewer than 50 writers, 10 of whom are from the UK. 14 have Masters Degrees, and 3 have PhDs. As this is a dissertation writing service, we’re disappointed to see that there is so few staff with higher level qualifications. With so few staff as well, you could be waiting a long time to get your writing back from them.
Rating: 1/5

Company trust

Pro Dissertation has a contact page with a form you can fill in, but no physical address listed. This ia a problem, as that can indicate that a company may not be trusted to give you the service you’re paying for. If you’re ordering with Pro Dissertation, you’re going to need to be wary.
Rating: 2/5


The best way to find out if writers can deliver is to interview their past customers. We found many, but their stories were very worrying. Many reported that they were sold essays and pieces written for other people’s dissertations. That’s sloppy on the end of Pro Dissertation and a waste of money for you. After all, dissertations are highly specialised. How can someone else’s work help you with your writing?
Rating: 1/5



Most customers order a 2:1 level piece of writing, 2 pages long, due in 10 days time. With Pro Dissertation, this will cost you £33.75 GBP. There are few additional services you can order, too. You can buy a Primer Service, Financial Calculation, Mind Map, Simulation Report, and Programming, all for £50. There are no discounts available.
The price is rather high for what you’re getting, and the extras are priced particularly harshly. You’d be better off getting a price from elsewhere.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

It’s not too difficult to get in touch with customer services, and there are few different channels to do so. However, what they can provide to you fails to live up to expectations. There doesn’t seem to be data on each customer available to customer services. That means they can answer basic questions, but you won’t get answers about the progress of your own order.
Rating: 1/5


All in all, it’s not worth ordering with Pro Dissertation. Their prices are too high for the quality they provide, which is some of the worst around that we’ve seen. Your grades are worth too much to you, so don’t take the risk.
Instead, take a look around our reviews and find a site that’s been reviewed well. You’ll know that you’ll get excellent writing without breaking the bank, with helpful customer service too.

Overall rating: 7/25

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