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There are lots of essay writing sites out there that say they can write your essay for cheap. OK Essay says they can do this while still giving you an excellent service. Are they really able to do this, or does the quality of their essays suffer? This review will find out if they’re as good as their word.


There are plenty of writers at OKEssay, ready to write for you. At the time of writing, there are just fewer than 75 writers available. Of that number, 12 are from the UK. 19 have Masters Degrees, and 5 have PhDs.
They have a healthy number of writers, but it’s a concern that there’s so few from the UK itself. That means if you order, you’re more likely to get a writer who isn’t writing in their first language, which could cause issues for you down the line.
Rating: 3/5

Company trust

You need to know that any writing service you order from is legit. That means that you know where they’re based, and that they’re officially listed as a company.
OK Essay doesn’t have a physical address listed on their website, and there’s no evidence of them being publicly listed. These are both serious concerns, as there’s no guarantee that they’re not just a scam that will take off with your money.
Rating: 0/5


Not every customer has been happy with the quality of the essay they received. Many say that they were sold essays that were clearly written for someone else. Others have said that their essays were plagiarised from other sources. Both of these issues are not ok, as you’re paying for a custom written essay.
Rating: 1/5



We priced up an average essay so you can see what you can expect to pay with A 2:1 standard essay, written within 10 days at 2 pages long, comes out at £27.01 GBP. It is possible to get a 15% discount as a new customer. You can also buy a plagiarism report for £15.99, or a top writer for £8.10. The price is fairly standard, but the plagiarism report should be included with it, rather than being added as an extra.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

There’s both pre and post sales customer service if you need it, but the quality of service isn’t great. It’s hard to get an answer to any questions you have, and it could take a while. Also, there is a money back guarantee, but on testing we found it to be harder than it looks to get that money back.
Rating: 2/5


Overall, it’s not worth ordering with OK Essay. The price itself isn’t too bad, but what you’re getting isn’t worth the money you’re paying. The plagiarism report should come as standard, and the resales and plagiarism issues should be enough to put you off. Instead of using Ok essay, read through our reviews and find a better quality writing service to go with.

Overall rating: 8/25

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