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That essay is due, and you can’t face the thought of doing it. If you wrote it yourself, you’d have to pull at least one all nighter in order to get it finished in time. Why do that though, when there are sites that can help you out? Help 4 Assignments say they can promise no more sleepless nights. Can you trust them to write the best essay for you?


There are just under 50 writers currently working for Help 4 Assignments, and of that number 14 are from the UK. Of that number, 10 have Masters Degrees and 3 have PhDs. The low number of writers on staff worries us. When your assignments are due, others are going to be too. How long will you have to wait for your essay to be completed?
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

If you want to contact the company, there’s no physical address you can visit or write to. This is a problem as it shows that Help 4 Assignments may not be a legitimate company. When you’re looking for writers, you should take this as quite a serious warning sign.
Rating: 1/5


So, what are the essays like? We ordered several, in order to get an idea for ourselves.
Sadly, what we saw wasn’t good. Many of the orders failed their plagiarism checks, meaning they all have at least one plagiarised section in them. With universities being so hot on plagiarism these days, this is something you just don’t want to deal with. Also, we noticed that some of the essays were obviously written to answer different questions, too. We had been sold essays that had been sold to other students first, meaning we weren’t getting original content.
Rating: 1/5



The average order from Help 4 Assignments is a 2:1 grade, 500 word essay, to be delivered in ten days. With this service, you would pay £28.30 GBP. At time of writing, there are no discounts available. You can buy some additional services; financial calculation, mind map, simulation report, programming, and an upgrade to primer service all cost £50.
The essay price is reasonable, but the extra services are way too expensive for the average student. Plus, when the quality of the essays is so low you shouldn’t have to pay so much for them.
Rating: 1/5

Customer service

There’s both pre and post sales support, so you can get help when you need it. However, we found the service to be slow, and it was difficult to get help with our particular essays.
Rating: 2/5


All in all, it’s not worth ordering with Help 4 Assignment. Their writers are clearly under pressure, with essays being plagiarised and resold. You’re better off finding a better reviewed service. You can get a much better quality of writing, at a much lower price. After all, you’re a student so you’re on a budget. Save your pennies and avoid this overpriced service.

Overall rating: 7/25

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