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Essay Thinker say that they’re one of the most trusted services online when it comes to essay writing. When so many sites are basically scams, it’s no wonder that you may be considering them for your writing needs. Can you trust them, or are you better off going elsewhere? Read on to find out.


Essay Thinker has just fewer than 50 writers on their staff, at time of writing. 10 of these writers are from the UK, 5 have Masters Degrees, and 2 have PhDs. The number of staff worries us. Fewer than 50 isn’t a large number, when you consider students all over the world may be ordering from this site. When the semester ends, you know that there’s going to be long waits to get an essay written.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

If you look up the contact page on Essay Thinker’s website, their address is listed as ‘Essay Thinker, United Kingdom’. This is rather suspicious for any company. If they’re not listing their actual, physical address, then it could be a sign that they’re not as legit as you’d think. This is the first red flag for the site. There’s even more reasons not to trust this essay writing service, as you’ll see below.
Rating: 1/5


To test the quality of the writing on offer, we bought several essays from the service to see what their writing was like. The essays we received were not the best quality we’d ever seen. It felt as though essays were written in a rush, and weren’t well researched at all.
In addition to this, we spoke to several past customers. Worryingly, they all reported that their essays suffered with some degree of plagiarism, and sometimes it was really rather blatant.
Rating: 2/5



We priced up an average essay so you can see what you can expect to pay. An undergraduate 2:1 essay, 2 pages long and written in 10 days, will set you back £20.78 GBP. You can buy extra services, such as proofreading for £3.96, and an originality report for £2.36. There’s also a discount of 15% if you’re a first time customer. These prices seem very reasonable, but it’s been proven that the originality report at least just isn’t working.
Rating: 3/5

Customer service

You need to know you’re getting good customer service when you’re buying an essay. Essay Thinker offer both pre and post sales service, but you can honestly do much better. Help is slow, and it’s hard to get in touch with your writer when you need to. There’s a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with your order, which will prompt a lot of students to try the service. However, it’s harder to get your money back than you may think.
Rating: 3/5


Overall, you should not go with Essay Thinker for your essays. The quality is low, and they’re charging for services that they’re just not giving you. You’re much better off going through our reviews and finding a better service. After all, why gamble with your grades?

Overall rating: 11/25

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