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Dissertation Help Deal says that they understand why you’re struggling with your dissertation. You’re already living with a hectic schedule, and now you have to write a huge academic piece of writing too? Who has time for that? This writing service says they can help. Should you trust them with your grades? Let’s find out.


The writers hired by this service are all said to be highly trained in their fields of study. There are just fewer than 50 writers on staff right now, 8 who are from the UK. 11 have Masters Degrees, and 2 have PhDs. It’s coming up to the end of the academic year, though, and with so few writers on staff, it’s clear they’re going to struggle to fill demand.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

You need to know that any writing service you use is trustworthy, and going to deliver the service they promise. How do you tell they’re trustworthy, though? One way is by reading reviews like these. Also, a good trick is to look for physical address. Dissertation Help Deal doesn’t list one, which makes them risky to work with.
Rating: 2/5


You need to know that any writing you order from Dissertation Help Deal is of top quality. After all, it’s the most important piece of writing you’ll ever get. However, when we bought some test pieces from them, we weren’t impressed. Many pieces were poorly written, or full of mistakes. Worse, many even had large, plagiarised sections. If you value your grades, you’re not going to buy from this site.
Rating: 1/5



We priced up an average order so you can get an idea of cost. A 2:1 standard piece, 2 pages long and written within 10 days, will cost you £25.90 GBP. You can a 15% discount on that, if you’re a new customer. That price doesn’t seem too bad, but remember that the quality of the writing is very low. You’re really not going to get what you’re paying for.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

If you’re thinking of ordering, or if you’ve ordered a piece with Dissertation Help Deal, there is a customer service support line to help you. We tested it, and we found that it was difficult for their team to get details about your particular order. When you need answers quickly, that isn’t reassuring.
There’s a money back guarantee in place too, if you’re not happy with your order. We tested it, and it turns out the rules are much stricter than you’d think. It was a lot harder than advertised to get that money back.
Rating: 2/5


We can’t recommend Dissertation Help Deal, as they don’t seem to be able to live up to their promises. The writing quality is poor, and you’re way overcharged for the service that you receive. Instead, check out our other reviews and find a better rated service. Your dissertation is crucial to your final mark, so don’t take the risk.

Overall rating: 9/25

Review: Dissertation Help Deal
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