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Custom Essays offers you essays written by a genuine PhD trained writer. That’s a lofty ambition when so many students are looking for their essays to be written every day. Are they able to keep that promise, or will the essay you buy suffer from lack of experience of the writer? Read on to find out.


There are just under 75 writers working with CustomEssays at the moment. Of those writers, 17 are from the UK. 23 have Masters Degrees, and 4 have PhDs. There lies the first problem with this service. How can they promise that their essays are written by PhD qualified writers, when in fact only 4 of their writers even hold a PhD? The fact that there are only 17 UK based writers available is also a cause for concern.
Rating: 1/5

Company trust doesn’t list a physical address for their headquarters. There’s also no evidence that the business is officially listed as such in the UK. That’s a worry for any students who are thinking of ordering with them. This is because you need to trust them not to just take your money and run. If they’re not listing their official details, it does seem very shady.
Rating: 2/5


The most important reason you’re reading this review is because you need to know if the quality of the essays are any good. Do you get what you pay for? Sadly not, it seems. We’ve heard from plenty of students, who say their essay were full of plagiarised material. Universities are hot on this, and you’re going to be in trouble if they find any in your essays. Do you really want to take this risk?
Rating: 1/5



We’ve priced an average essay so you can see what you get with Custom Essays.
– 2:1 quality
– Undergraduate level
– 2 pages
– Written in 10 days
This comes out at £27.01 GBP. This is fairly average for the industry. You can get a 15% discount as a new customer.
There are additional services you can buy too: You can get a top writer for £8.10, or a plagiarism report for £14.99. The report is something you should be getting as standard, not paying extra for.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

You can get in touch with the service staff at, whether you’re already a customer or you’re thinking of buying. The service you receive though is average at best. It’s hard to find a staff member who can tell you anything about your essay, so you’ll never get a quick answer.
Rating: 2/5


Custom Essays just aren’t worth taking the risk with. They say their essays are top quality, but evidence shows you run the risk of plagiarism, should you buy with them. Do yourself a favour and pick another, better rated writing service. Your grades are too precious to gamble with, and you can get a much better essay for a similar price.

Overall rating: 8/25

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