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Are you up against a deadline? If you’re running out of time, it can be stressful at best. However, many students are now turning to writing services to help them out. If you’re in the market for a writer, EduBirdie say they can help you just in the nick of time. Are they a service you should trust?


EduBirdie have just under 100 writers on staff at the time of writing, with 15 being based in the UK. 37 of those writers have Masters Degrees, and 8 have PhDs. There’s a healthy amount of writers on staff, but with only 15 being from the UK, you’re likely to get an essay written by someone outside of the country. Can they really understand what a UK based student needs?
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

If you take a look at the EduBirdie website, you’ll find that you can’t find their physical address listed anywhere. This is a red flag for any savvy student, as it could mean that they’re not a legit company. Most companies will list their address, so you can find them if you need to. This shows that you should approach this company with caution.
Rating: 2/5


To find out whether EduBirdie can deliver the quality you need, we talked to past customers of the service to see what they had to say. Many reported that the quality of the writing was much lower than they had expected. What was worse, many also said that plagiarism was ride in their work. When universities are so vigilant about plagiarism, this is something that you just don’t need. These claims concern us, so you’re probably better off not risking it by placing an order with them.
Rating: 1/5



If you order with EduBirdie, the average price you will pay is £36.46 GBP. This is for a 2:1 grade essay, around 2 pages long, delivered in 10 days. There are no discounts available, but there additional services you can buy. You can get a best writer for £8.09, a one page abstract for £18.23, VIP support for £10.52, and progressive delivery for £7.28.
These services sound useful, but they really should be included with the price of the essay. Also, the price itself is higher than most services, curious when the quality of the writing is so low.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

You can get in touch with customer service whether you’re thinking about ordering or you already have. However, the service they can offer is below par. It’s hard to get in touch with your writer, so if you something important to tell them, it could well be too late.
Rating: 2/5


We really can’t recommend EduBirdie if you need an essay done quickly. The writing quality is very poor, and the price is way too high for what they give. Find a better writing service instead. After all, it’s just not worth gambling with your grades, is it?

Overall rating: 9/25

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