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Projects Deal say that they’re the best dissertation writing service in the UK. That’s a bold claim. You need a writer who can really write well, in order to get the grades you need on your dissertation. Are they really as good as they claim, or should you look elsewhere for a writer?


There are just under 50 writers currently working for Projects Deal, and of that number 12 are from the UK. Of that number, 9 have Masters Degrees and 5 have PhDs. That number is rather low, which is worrying as we reach the end of the academic year. Will they have enough writers to keep up with demand for dissertations?
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

There’s no physical address for this writing service listed on their website. Why is this a problem? Well, most legit businesses will list their address, as they’re happy to help customers find them. If they don’t it’s a big red flag, as it means the company may not be able to be trusted. If you order with Projects Deal, proceed with caution.
Rating: 1/5


You’re reading this because you want to know if their writing is up to scratch. It’s the most important aspect in deciding who to hire to write your dissertation. We ordered some test pieces, and were very disappointed in what we saw. Most of what we ordered, when put through a plagiarism detector, was shown to have at least some plagiarised material in it. This is worrying as your dissertation is one of the most important pieces you’ll write for your degree. You don’t want to risk it with material like this.
Rating: 1/5



Most students we know who’ve ordered writing from dissertation sites order two pages at 2:1 level, to be delivered within ten days. With Projects Deal, that will set you back £453.70. There are no discounts on offer, and no additional services.
Compared to other writing services, this price is astronomical. You can’t even get a discount as a first time buyer, as other sites offer you. Considering the quality of writing on offer, this is not worth paying at all.
Rating: 1/5

Customer service

There’s plenty of ways of getting in touch with customer services, including a number to contact them on Whatsapp. However, you can’t get the information that you really need, when you need it. Getting an answer about your order can take hours, which is often far too long.
Rating: 2/5


We can’t recommend Projects Deal for your dissertation. There seems to be a real misunderstanding of what it is students need from a writing service. The quality of the writing is poor at best, and the prices are way out of the price range of the average student. No student will want to pay so much, to get so little in return.
Instead, find another writing service that’s had better reviews. It’s not worth taking the risk with your final marks.

Overall rating: 7/25

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