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You need to get help with your dissertation. After all, you have a hectic enough schedule as it is, and you haven’t got the time. You’ve got to find a service that’s affordable, reliable and good enough to get you the marks you need. Dissertation Time say they have this all covered for you. Can they really help, or are they biting off more than they can chew?


There are just under 50 writers working for Dissertation Time right now, 5 of whom are from the UK. 12 of that number have Masters Degrees, and 2 have PhDs. It’s worrying that only 5 of their writers are from the UK. If you want a piece of writing done by a UK native speaker, you’re more or less out of luck with this service.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

When looking for a writing service, it’s important that you trust them to get the job done. A good way of finding out if they are trustworthy is to see if they list their physical address. Dissertation Time don’t, which raises a red flag with us. If they don’t want you to know where they are, can they be trusted with your money?
Rating: 1/5


So, is the quality of the writing good? We ordered several test pieces and the answer is, sadly not. We found many of the pieces were full of errors that should have been picked up during proofreading. As well as this, there were some pieces that have quite clearly been resold to us. For dissertation work, this is unacceptable. This should be enough to warn you off using Dissertation Time.
Rating: 1/5



If you buy with Dissertation Time, the average amount you’ll pay is £20.78 GBP. This is for a 2 page, 2:1 level paper, to be delivered in ten days. There are some additional services available. You can have the piece proofread by an editor for £3.96, or buy an originality report for £2.36. There’s also a 15% discount if you’re a first time customer.
These pries seem ok, but you’re not getting the quality you should be. The additional extras should be included with the main price, as a matter of course.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

There are customer service lines you can call at any stage of the writing process, which is great if you have questions. However, we have a problem with the money back guarantee. We tested it, and found that it’s much harder to get that money back, if you’re not happy, than you’d think.
Rating: 2/5


We can’t recommend Dissertation Time as they just aren’t up to scratch. The writing quality tuned out to be very poor, and the prices don’t reflect what you’re getting for your money. It’s not worth gambling with your grades. Check out our other reviews and find a writing service that can do better than this. You’ll be glad you did in the long run.

Overall rating: 8/25

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